Family Births Only Boys for 138 Years!

The Clark family of Michigan has a reason to celebrate. They welcomed their first baby girl in 138 years on March 17, 2021. Audrey Clark is the daughter of Carolyn and Andrew Clark, who already have a 4-year-old son named Cameron. Audrey is also the first girl on Andrew’s side of the family since 1885, breaking a streak of all boys born in his lineage for over a century.

How did this happen? According to Andrew, he learned from his parents that no girls had been born on his direct line for more than 100 years. He told his wife Carolyn about this unusual fact when they started dating more than a decade ago. Carolyn was stunned and curious, but she didn’t think much of it until they decided to have a second child.

The couple had two miscarriages before conceiving Audrey, and they were just praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby. They didn’t know the gender of their baby until they had a reveal party in September 2020, where they and their family and friends bit into special cookies that had either pink or blue frosting inside. To their surprise and delight, the cookies were pink, indicating that they were having a girl.

Everyone was ecstatic and incredulous at the news. Carolyn said that everyone was “screaming and jumping” in disbelief. Andrew said that he “just assumed” it was going to be blue in the center of the cookies. The couple was overjoyed and grateful to have a daughter, especially after their losses.

Audrey was born on St. Patrick’s Day, adding another layer of luck and joy to her arrival. She is a rainbow baby, meaning a baby born after a miscarriage or stillbirth. Carolyn said that Audrey is “finally here” and that she is “perfect”. She also said that Audrey looks like her brother Cameron, who is very excited to have a sister.

The Clark family has made history with their baby girl, who is the first in 138 years on Andrew’s side. They are thrilled to welcome Audrey into their family and to share their story with the world.


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