11 Items to Stock Up on Now Before Prices Rise

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing effects of the virus, it’s becoming increasingly clear that certain products are in short supply and prices are likely to go up. This means that if you want to avoid paying more for essential items later on, now is the time to stock up on these 12 things before prices rise. Read on for a list of what you should buy now, and why.

Cereal, Bread and Flour

These three staples are some of the most sought-after items right now as people turn to baking their own bread or making other baked goods at home rather than buying them pre-made from stores or restaurants. The demand has pushed prices up significantly over the past year, so if you’re looking to save money in 2023 then stocking up now might be your best bet.


Lettuce has been hard hit by both weather conditions and labor shortages over the last few months which have led to major price hikes across all types of lettuce varieties including romaine, iceberg and butterhead lettuce. If you don’t want to pay more down the road, then make sure you get your greens while they’re still relatively affordable!


The popularity of champagne has been steadily rising over the past few years, but with more people staying home due to the pandemic and celebrations becoming increasingly virtual, demand for champagne is higher than ever. This means that prices are likely to continue climbing in 2023 so if you plan on stocking up then now would be an ideal time to do so.


Eggs have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic as some suppliers had to reduce production due to labor shortages and others were forced to sell their eggs at reduced prices because of a drop in demand for restaurants and other food service businesses. Prices are beginning to creep back up however, which means now may be a good time to take advantage and stock up on eggs while they’re still relatively cheap.

Prescription Medications

The pandemic has caused a shortage of many prescription medications as pharmaceutical companies struggle to keep up with rising demand. This means that if you plan on taking certain medications over the course of 2023 or beyond then now may be an ideal time to buy them in bulk before prices rise even further.

Tomato Products

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables out there, but due to weather conditions and labor shortages, prices have been climbing steadily over the past few months. If you want to save money, then stocking up on tomato products now is likely your best bet.

Cement and Concrete

Cement and concrete are essential materials in the building industry, but as demand for these items continues to rise there is a shortage of both materials causing prices to go up. So, if you have any construction projects that require cement or concrete then now may be a good time to buy them before prices get even higher.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been in high demand since its health benefits were discovered years ago, and with people cooking more at home due to the pandemic this trend is only likely to continue. It’s best to stock up now while prices are still affordable so you can save money later on.


Rice is a staple food for many people around the world, but due to weather conditions and labor shortages rice prices are on the rise. If you want to save money, then it’s best to stock up now while it’s still relatively affordable.


Due to the avian flu and labor shortages, the supplies of chicken and turkey have been greatly affected. This is particularly concerning in countries like the U.K. where poultry is a popular holiday menu item, and it is expected that there will be scarcity and an increase in costs. Additionally, issues with trucking capacity are exacerbating the problem. With global supply chains and consumer demand, it is important to be prepared for potential price hikes and stock up on extra birds before it is too late.

Liquor and Beer

While there is no need to panic, it is worth noting that many items packaged in glass bottles or aluminum cans may be facing price increases and shortages currently. This includes not only liquor and beer, but also unexpected items like maple syrup. Shortages in beer and carbonated beverages are also linked to disruptions in materials such as carbon dioxide. To avoid any issues, it is recommended to stock up on these items before the peak of seasonal demand.

Overall, it’s important to keep an eye out for any price changes in the items you buy regularly so you can take advantage of deals when they become available. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, you could save yourself quite a bit of money over the course of 2023.


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