A Toe-Curling Tale: Hotel Manager Sneaks into Guest’s Room and Does the Unthinkable

Peter Brennan, a 52-year-old guest staying in a Nashville, Tennessee hotel, was shocked to wake up one morning to find the manager of the hotel sucking on his toes. The incident caused much distress for Peter, and he immediately contacted the police. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the night manager of the hotel was David Neal, who had a previous criminal record including charges for involuntary manslaughter, forgery and drinking and driving.

The incident occurred in the early hours of March 30th at around 5am when Peter abruptly awoke from an odd sensation on his foot. It was then that he noticed David Neal standing beside his bed. After confronting him, Peter soon recognized him as one of two employees who came to his room earlier that day to take care of an issue with his television.

When questioned by the police, David Neal admitted that he had entered Peter’s room but denied having any malicious intent. He claimed to have gone into their room out of concern over a potential smoke smell which had not been reported or mentioned by anyone else in the hotel at this time. He also confessed to disposing of the key used to enter Peter’s room, leaving police unable to retrieve it.

Naturally, this experience left Peter feeling violated and distressed, especially due to David Neal’s extensive criminal record which Hilton Hotels presumably must have been aware of prior to hiring him for this position. His attorney, Michael Fisher stated that “when Hilton hired this person they had to have known. They have to do background checks to know, and the fact that they would put somebody like that in a position where they have the ability to clone keys, have the ability to get into a guest’s room.”

In response to this unsettling event, Hilton Hotels released a statement expressing their priority regarding safety and security for both their guests and team members alike. They said they were working closely with Metropolitan Nashville Police Department but could not comment on ongoing investigations as per company policy. As for David Neal himself, he has since been arrested and jailed on bond totaling $27000 following a search in his home in Lebanon.

Finally, Peter Brennan is now filing a lawsuit against Hilton Hotels while suffering from PTSD as well as difficulty sleeping due to nightmares caused by this traumatic experience in his own personal space while expecting total privacy and security from all intruders.


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