Aaron Hernandez’s Brother Arrested for Horrendous Charges

In a shocking turn of events, Dennis “DJ” Hernandez, the older brother of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, has been arrested for allegedly planning two school shootings. This harrowing incident has left the community in Bristol, Connecticut, and beyond, reeling with disbelief. The arrest, which was first reported by TMZ, has shed light on the troubled past of the Hernandez family and raised concerns about the mental health of DJ Hernandez.

Unsettling Signs of Danger

According to documents obtained from the Bristol Police Department, several individuals came forward this month, expressing concerns about DJ Hernandez’s erratic behavior and his potential threat to society. These individuals described him as “gravely disabled and a danger to society.” Such alarming allegations led the police to take swift action.

Disturbing Text Messages and Erratic Behavior

One person, who remains anonymous, informed the police that they had received a series of disturbing text messages from DJ Hernandez. In one message, Hernandez allegedly stated, “We’re taking lives if s**t isn’t paid up. It’s been years in planning just taking notes, names, and locations. They talked their way into this, and it’s almost point game.” These chilling words left the recipient deeply concerned about the possibility of imminent violence.

Mapping Out Potential Targets

Another individual, claiming to be DJ Hernandez’s ex-girlfriend, revealed that he had borrowed her car on the day of his scheduled court appearance but had instead traveled to the University of Connecticut and Brown University. She expressed her worry that he intended to map out these campuses for a sinister purpose. According to her statement, Hernandez had entered several classrooms and buildings during his time on the campuses. The ex-girlfriend also mentioned that he had been “rambling about the incident” and stated that “he has a bullet for everyone.”

Troubling Social Media Posts

The arrest documents further revealed that DJ Hernandez had made numerous social media posts containing threatening and concerning language. These posts were described as “ramblings about those who have wronged him.” One post, in particular, caught the attention of authorities. It allegedly included the chilling statement, “Will I k*ll? Absolutely. I’ve warned my enemies, so I’ve paid up front.” Such posts only added to the growing concern about Hernandez’s mental state and his potential for violence.

A Standoff with Police

On July 18, police went to DJ Hernandez’s residence, leading to a tense standoff. Hernandez refused to open the door, prompting an officer to contact him by telephone. During the conversation, Hernandez made a chilling statement, telling the officer that he was “on foot, armed and that if we approached him, he would try to k*ll us.” This escalation of threats and the potential danger he posed forced the police to take immediate action.

Ignoring Police Commands

Eventually, DJ Hernandez emerged from his home and began advancing toward the police with his hands outstretched to the side. He repeatedly yelled, “sh**t me” and ignored multiple commands from the authorities. To subdue him, the police resorted to using a Taser. After successfully apprehending Hernandez, he was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, where he continued to make threats. Among these threats were his intentions to harm anyone who profited from his brother Aaron’s life story.

Charges and Legal Proceedings

Following his release from the hospital, DJ Hernandez was transported to the Bristol Police Department, where he was formally booked on charges of threatening and breach of peace. He is currently being held on a $250,000 bond. The arrest and subsequent legal proceedings have brought the spotlight back onto the Hernandez family, who have faced numerous challenges and tragedies over the years.

Previous Arrests and Troubled Past

This recent arrest is not the first time DJ Hernandez has found himself on the wrong side of the law. In May, he was arrested after leading police on a pursuit. Just days later, he was arrested again, this time for throwing a brick and a handwritten note at ESPN’s campus in Bristol, Connecticut. These incidents, along with his failure to appear for a court date, led to his re-arrest earlier this month. The troubled past of the Hernandez family has been marked by tragedy, with Aaron Hernandez, DJ’s younger brother, being found guilty of first-degree murder in 2015 and subsequently taking his own life in prison two years later.


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