Arcade Worker Shares Little Known Hack for Winning on Claw Machines

As exciting and enjoyable as an afternoon out at the arcade can be, many people will know only too well the experience of trying time and time again to win a huge teddy bear or other prize from the claw machine, yet failing every attempt. In some cases, players can insert so many coins into the machine that they may as well have just purchased the toy without all of the fuss.

Fortunately, there are some clever strategies that one can use to increase their chances of winning on the famously tricky arcade machine, and none of them require a shake or tap. A TikTok video recently shared by an arcade worker known as @arcadefriends showed their ‘double tapping’ technique for boosting chances at winning a prize.

In the video, @arcadefriends explained that when attempting to grab a stuffed animal or other prize with the claw machine, double tapping on its grab button is key. The first tap is used to lower the claw onto the desired item below, while simultaneously keeping it stable enough to not rotate too far away from it. The second tap is then used to close the claw around said item’s head and lift it up and out of its designated spot.

The clip has since gained almost 380,000 views and many comments from viewers who are taking mental notes in preparation for their next arcade visit. One user wrote: “BEST TIP! Doesn’t guarantee a win, but definitely ups your chances!” Another commented, “That’s perfect timing as well!”

As seen in @arcadefriend’s video demonstration, this particular technique does appear to work with increasing one’s success rate at winning, however, no matter what methods you decide to use on your next arcading adventure, whether double tapping or something else, nothing can truly guarantee that you will bring home a plush prize every single time. Therefore, it’s important to remember that having fun should always come first when playing these games. If you get lucky enough along the way with a cuddly token of your victory, then all the better!


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