Arnold Schwarzenegger Claims ‘Heaven is a Fantasy’

What do you think happens to you when we die? Do you just die and that’s it? Do you cease to exist from that point on? Or do you think that there is an afterlife? Maybe you believe in reincarnation. In a recent Interview Magazine, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about his beliefs regarding heaven and death.

“It reminds me of Howard Stern’s question to me. ‘Tell me, governor, what happens to us when we die?’ I said, ‘Nothing. You’re 6 feet under. Anyone that tells you something else is a f—ing liar,'” he said.

“I said, ‘We don’t know what happens with the soul and all this spiritual stuff that I’m not an expert in, but I know that the body as we see each other now, we will never see each other again like that,'” continued Schwarzenegger.

“When people talk about, ‘I will see them again in heaven,’ it sounds so good, but the reality is that we won’t see each other again after we’re gone. That’s the sad part. I know people feel comfortable with death, but I don’t,'” he said.

“To me, heaven is where I put a person who I love dearly, who is kind, who is generous, who made a difference in my life and other people’s lives,” he said. “I keep them in a spot in my head, like that front row that you have of all of your friends. And you always have a good feeling when you think of them.”

On Wednesday, a new three-part documentary called Arnold will be available for streaming on Netflix featuring the former California governor discussing his life struggles and experiences. The documentary presents an official summary stating that it follows Arnold Schwarzenegger’s path from his rural roots in Austria to achieving the American dream and includes interviews with Schwarzenegger, as well as his friends, foes, co-stars, and onlookers.


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