BELIEVE IT OR NOT: People Puzzles by 21-Year-Old Mom with 15-Year-Old Daughter

At the tender age of just 21, Hunter Nelson from Kentucky found herself in an unusual predicament. She’s a single mom to a 15-year-old. Yes, it’s true. However, that 15-year-old girl is actually her half-sister. While many young adults would be out enjoying their freedom and experimenting with life, Hunter was instead dedicating her energy to providing for Gracie and ensuring she had a safe home environment.

Hunter’s story began after her father passed away in 2015. Her half-sister Gracie tragically lost her mother not long after, leaving the young girl without any parental guidance or support. Fearing that Gracie could end up in foster care, Hunter petitioned the courts for guardianship of the teen despite opposition from members of Gracie’s maternal family who threatened Hunter with death.

Gracie was also less than thrilled when she realized that she’d be moving in with her big sister. She threw a tantrum upon hearing the news and even refused to go at first. But despite this initial reluctance and the immense difficulty associated with such a responsibility, Hunter knew it was the best option for protecting Gracie from potential harm.

Now living together in Hunter’s home, the two are slowly adapting to their new roles as parent and teenager. Navigating teenage life can be challenging on its own but doing so while simultaneously acting as a parent has been especially daunting for Hunter who jokes about how people must think she’s in high school when attending events at her sister’s school. Yet despite all this complexity, one thing for sure, if it wasn’t for Hunter’s selfless dedication to keeping Gracie safe and secure, then things might have ended very differently.

As she reflects on her experiences, both positive and negative, Hunter urges others who may find themselves in similar situations to prioritize safety over emotions when making tough decisions on behalf of their loved ones: “Put the kid’s safety and pride and necessities over their emotions…Sometimes they’re not going to be happy about it but you just gotta do it.”


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