Benjamin Franklin Soon to be Replaced on $100 Bill

The iconic $100 bill is the most popular currency denomination in America, often referred to as “Benjamins” due to Benjamin Franklin’s portrait featured on it. However, soon enough, it will reportedly take on a different look.

In celebration of the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary in 2023, the US government has announced that they will be replacing Benjamin Franklin’s portrait with a picture of Walt Disney himself.

This exclusive Walt Disney hundred-dollar bill is sure to become highly sought after and incredibly valuable. This print run of bills will only be available for a year and a half, from January 1st, 2023, until June 1st, 2024, the last day of Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration. The front of the bill will feature an image of Walt Disney in place of Benjamin Franklin with an accompanying design similar to what can be found on regular Disney Dollars featuring different characters and rides from within their iconic theme parks.

Walt Disney was one of America’s most beloved storytellers and entrepreneurs who was definitely deserving of this honor by having his face printed on American currency. It is no surprise that the United States chose him for this great honor as he started one of the most successful companies ever which still continues to grow and thrive today. His legacy lives on in many ways and his recognition upon US money is just one more way his contributions are being remembered as ‘American as anyone could possibly be’.

These special edition bills are sure to become highly collectible items amongst avid fans, especially those who want to get their hands on an original piece of history or commemorate their love for all things Disney. It can also be expected that these bills may start selling for well over their face value once they hit the market due to their rarity and limited availability, making them a great investment opportunity among collectors!


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