Bodycam Footage Shows Drunk Teacher Get Arrested on First Day of School

In a shocking incident that unfolded on the first day of school, a third-grade teacher from Perkins-Tyron Intermediate School in Perkins, Oklahoma, was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol while at school The incident has sent shockwaves through the community and raised concerns about the safety of students.

The Arrest and Police Findings

On that fateful day, the Perkins Police Department received a call from school administrators who suspected that 53-year-old Kimberly Coates, a third-grade teacher, was intoxicated in the classroom. Acting swiftly, the school resource officer was dispatched to investigate the matter. Upon meeting with Coates, the officer confirmed her state of intoxication. Coates’ breath test revealed a staggering blood-alcohol level of .24, which is three times the legal limit.

The subsequent release of body camera footage captured the conversation between Coates and the authorities. In a distressing plea, Coates repeatedly begged not to be arrested, but the evidence against her was undeniable. She admitted to consuming wine that morning on her way to school, after initially trying to downplay the situation by mentioning anxiety medication taken the previous night.

The Unsettling Revelations

Coates’ attempt to hide the extent of her alcohol consumption became evident as the conversation progressed. The police asked her to take a breathalyzer test to determine the alcohol content in her system. It was during this exchange that Coates’ story started to unravel. Initially, she claimed to have only consumed wine the night before. However, her admission soon changed, revealing that she had actually consumed wine until the early hours of the morning. The most shocking revelation came when Coates finally confessed to drinking while driving to work.

The authorities’ initial intention was to give Coates the opportunity to arrange for someone to pick her up and take her home, rather than arrest her. However, their leniency was short-lived. The superintendent, Doug Ogle, returned to the room with a cup taken from Coates’ classroom. Upon testing its contents, it was discovered that she had been drinking wine during school hours. Coates’ feeble attempt to wipe the wine residue off the cup only sealed her fate.

Legal Consequences and Internal Investigation

Following her arrest, Coates was booked into the Payne County Jail on a charge of public intoxication. However, she has since been released. The legal repercussions of her actions are likely to unfold in the coming weeks, with potential consequences including fines, probation, or even the loss of her teaching license.

Meanwhile, the Perkins-Tyron school district has initiated its own internal investigation into the incident. The school administration is working diligently to ensure the safety and well-being of its students, as well as to address any potential gaps in their hiring and monitoring processes. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a rigorous screening procedure for educators entrusted with the care and education of young minds.

Impact on Students and Community

The arrest of a teacher for being drunk in the classroom has undoubtedly shaken the students, parents, and the community as a whole. The incident raises concerns about the well-being of the students present during the teacher’s impaired state and the potential long-term effects on their education and emotional well-being. It also brings to the forefront the need for increased awareness and support systems to identify and address such issues promptly.

Call for Support and Education

In the aftermath of this incident, it is essential for the school district and the community to come together to support the affected students and their families. Counseling services should be made available to assist the students in processing their feelings and concerns. Additionally, it is crucial to educate students on the potential dangers of substance abuse and the importance of responsible behavior.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism and ensuring the well-being of students in educational institutions. It highlights the need for stricter protocols and vigilant monitoring to prevent similar situations from recurring. Establishing a culture of accountability and a zero-tolerance policy towards substance abuse within school premises is vital for the safety and development of students.


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