Buccaneers Find Replacement for Tom Brady

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made a big move in the NFL free agency market, signing former No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield to a one-year contract worth up to $8.5 million. The move comes after the departure of Tom Brady, who left the team after two seasons and supposedly retired for a second time, though there is some talk about whether or not he’ll sign with the Miami Dolphins.

Mayfield was drafted first overall by the Cleveland Browns in 2018 and has since become one of the most recognizable faces in the league. He has had his fair share of ups and downs during his time with Cleveland, but he is still considered to be an elite quarterback talent.

The Buccaneers are hoping that Mayfield can bring some stability to their offense and help them compete for a championship this season. With him at the helm, they will have a quarterback who can make plays with both his arm and legs and can lead them down the field when needed.

Mayfield’s signing also gives Tampa Bay another weapon on offense as he has shown he can be a dangerous dual-threat quarterback when given the opportunity. He has also proven himself to be an accurate passer, completing 61.6 percent of his passes over his four seasons in Cleveland and 63.6 percent with his short stay with the Rams.

The Buccaneers are hoping that Mayfield’s addition will help them get back into contention this season as they look to make a deep run into the playoffs. With him leading their offense, they should have no problem scoring points against any opponent they face this year.

Overall, it looks like Tampa Bay made a great decision by signing Baker Mayfield to replace Brady as their starting quarterback this season. He brings plenty of talent and experience to their team and should help them reach new heights this year if all goes according to plan.


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