Capsized Fishermen Rescued at Sea After Using a Drink Cooler to Survive

Back in the early 2000s, TV shows that were based on surviving in tough climates or difficult situations were all the rage. I used to love watching them. In fact, I used to train myself on survival skills just in case there were ever a day to come in which I needed to put those skills to use. Thinking about it now…I should probably brush up on them.

But last week, a distress beacon was activated off the coast of Eclipse Island in Australia. After the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) received the alert, they sent a rescue aircraft to the scene to search for three fishermen. In video footage captured by AMSA, it showed the three men clinging onto a cooler while wearing life jackets as they treaded choppy waters.

The fishermen had gone out on an overnight fishing trip but soon encountered engine trouble and started taking on water. The trio were eventually rescued from the water without any serious injuries and one of them was taken to hospital to be treated for suspected hypothermia. It took around an hour for them to be rescued after the emergency beacon was activated, with assistance from Western Australia Police Force and Marine Rescue Albany.

The AMSA praised both agencies for their efforts in the rescue and emphasized the importance of owning life jackets and carrying a registered emergency beacon when on the water. According to WA Today, Chris Johns from Albany Sea Rescue also noted that this successful result highlighted how necessary EPIRBs are and how emergency services can come together in times of need.

Overall, this experience serves as a reminder for all individuals embarking on adventures out at sea that it is essential to always have of plan of action should anything unexpected happen, whether that means having proper safety equipment or being able to contact help quickly so that everyone can return home safe and sound.


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