CCTV Shows Moment Drunk Driver Smashing into Train

In a shocking incident captured on CCTV footage, a drunk driver in Taiwan attempted to speed through a rail crossing, colliding with a speeding train. The video shows the driver, Lin Nan, recklessly smashing into the side of the train as it rolls through the crossing.

The Incident

The CCTV footage reveals the heart-stopping moment when Lin Nan, under the influence of alcohol, disregarded the lowered red and white barrier at the train-crossing. With a train carrying 370 passengers approaching, Lin’s white car was thrown to the side upon impact, while the train continued its journey. Miraculously, Lin survived the crash with minor injuries.

According to reports, Lin admitted to police that he had been out drinking the night before the incident. Drowsy and in search of breakfast, he failed to notice the approaching train. The breathalyzer test conducted by the police revealed that Lin’s blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit in Taiwan.

The Aftermath

While Lin escaped with minor injuries, the passengers on the train remained unharmed. However, they faced a delay of over two hours as they awaited a replacement train. The damaged train was eventually towed to a maintenance yard for repairs.

Consequences of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving poses a significant risk to both the driver and innocent bystanders. Lin’s reckless actions not only endangered his own life but also jeopardized the safety of the train passengers and anyone else present at the crossing. This incident serves as a tragic reminder of the potential consequences of driving under the influence.

Legal Ramifications

As a result of his actions, Lin was detained for drunk driving and endangering the public. The authorities in Taiwan take such violations seriously to ensure road safety. It is crucial for individuals to understand the legal repercussions and the importance of responsible behavior behind the wheel.

Road Safety and Awareness

The incident has prompted the Hualien Branch of the Railway Police Bureau to issue a statement urging people to avoid driving after consuming alcohol. Furthermore, the statement emphasizes the need for drivers to exercise caution when crossing level crossings and always yield to trains. Road safety awareness campaigns play a crucial role in preventing accidents and promoting responsible driving habits.

Seeking Justice

Instances like these leave lasting impacts on the victims’ families. The loss of loved ones due to the irresponsible actions of drunk drivers can be devastating. Seeking justice for the victims and their families becomes a vital aspect of dealing with the aftermath of such tragic incidents.


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