Chris Rock Finally Unloads on Will Smith

Chris Rock has never been one to shy away from controversial topics, and his latest Netflix special is no exception. In the special, which premiered on Saturday night, the comedian took aim at Will Smith for slapping him onstage at last year’s Oscars ceremony.

Rock didn’t hold back in his criticism of Smith, calling him out for what he saw as a lack of respect. “Everybody called him a b—h and who does he hit? Me,” Rock said during the special. Everybody. Everybody. And who’s he hit? Me. A n—a he know he could beat. That is some b**ch a** s**t.”

Smith has yet to respond publicly to Rock’s comments, but it’s clear that the incident has left a sour taste in Rock’s mouth. He went on to criticize Smith for what he saw as hypocrisy in his activism.

Rock’s nearly eight-minute rant capped his “Selective Outrage” show at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore and came little more than a week before the scheduled 95th Academy Awards presentation on March 12.

“Everybody f–king knows. Yes! It happened. I got smacked like a year ago,” the comedian said. “I got smacked in the f–king Oscars by this mother-r!”

At one point, Rock likened Smith to imprisoned gangsta rap producer Marion “Suge” Knight, who’s locked up for a fatal 2015 hit-and-run with a truck.

“People like, ‘Did it hurt?’ It still hurts! I got ‘Summertime’ ringing in my ears!” Rock said, referring to Smith’s 1991 hip-hop hit with former musical partner DJ Jazzy Jeff.

“For people who don’t know what everybody knows, Will Smith — his wife was f–king her son’s friend. OK?” Rock said. “Now, I normally would not talk about this s–t. But for some reason, these n—-s put that s–t on the internet. I have no idea why two talented people would do something that f–king low down. What the f-k?”

Chris Rock isn’t afraid to speak his mind, even if it means taking shots at one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.


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