Cold Case Group Reveals New Detail in Zodiac Killer Mystery

The Zodiac Killer is one of the most notorious and elusive serial killers in American history. He terrorized Northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s, killing at least five people and sending cryptic messages and ciphers to the media and the police. Despite decades of investigation, his identity and motive remain unknown.

However, a cold case group claims to have cracked the case and identified the Zodiac Killer as Gary Francis Poste, an Air Force veteran who died in 2018. The group, called Case Breakers, is led by investigative journalist Thomas Colbert, who has been researching the Zodiac case for over a decade. According to Case Breakers, Poste has been secretly listed as a suspect by the FBI since 2016, and his partial DNA is stored at the FBI’s lab in Quantico, Virginia.

Case Breakers says it has obtained its own DNA sample of Poste from one of his relatives and wants the FBI to compare it with the DNA evidence collected from a sixth murder that they believe is linked to the Zodiac: the 1966 killing of Cheri Jo Bates in Riverside, California. The group also claims to have found other clues that connect Poste to the Zodiac crimes, such as his physical resemblance, his military background, his interest in cryptography, and his presence in California during the time of the murders.

The FBI, however, has not confirmed or denied Poste’s involvement in the Zodiac case. The agency has repeatedly stated that the case remains open and active, but has not commented on any specific suspects or leads. The Riverside Police Department, which investigated Bates’ murder, has also dismissed any connection between her case and the Zodiac’s. The San Francisco Police Department, which handled most of the Zodiac killings, has not responded to Case Breakers’ allegations.

Case Breakers is calling for a serious review of the FBI and the local police departments for their handling of the Zodiac case and their alleged cover-up of Poste’s identity. The group says it has enough evidence to prove that Poste was the Zodiac Killer and that he should be held accountable for his crimes, even posthumously.

The Zodiac Killer mystery has fascinated and frustrated generations of investigators, journalists, and amateur sleuths. Case Breakers believes it has finally solved it and revealed the face behind the mask. But until the FBI or other law enforcement agencies confirm or refute their findings, the mystery remains unsolved.

There is debate about whether or not Poste is the actual guy. You can take a look at these videos for more details.


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