Country Singer Accidently Sues His Own Fan

Country star Luke Combs found himself apologizing to one of his fans, Nicol Harness, after she was sued by Combs’ legal team for selling unofficial merchandise featuring the singer’s likeness on Amazon. Combs took to TikTok to express his shock and regret over the lawsuit, stating that he had been completely unaware of the situation until it was brought to his attention.

The Unfortunate Lawsuit

The news of Nicol Harness being sued for $250,000 by Luke Combs’ legal team came to light through a local Florida news outlet. Harness, who resides in Florida, had been selling 18 Combs-themed tumblers on Amazon for $20 each, totaling $380 in sales. However, she was blindsided when she received the lawsuit, which was filed in an Illinois federal court. Harness explained that she had missed the 21-day response window as the email notifying her of the lawsuit had landed in her junk folder while she was in the hospital, battling congestive heart failure.

Harness expressed her distress over the situation, sharing that she had been locked out of accessing funds in her Amazon account due to the lawsuit. This left her unable to pay her bills, causing significant financial strain. She emphasized that she never intended any harm towards Luke Combs and had promptly pulled down the merchandise upon learning about the lawsuit. Harness expressed her confusion and desire for a resolution, hoping to put the matter behind her.

Luke Combs’ Apology and Explanation

Upon discovering the lawsuit, Luke Combs took to TikTok to address the situation and to extend his apologies to Nicol Harness. He began the video by stating that he had woken up to the news of the lawsuit and expressed his shock at the turn of events. Combs made it clear that he had been completely unaware of the lawsuit before seeing the report.

In his TikTok video, Combs explained that his legal team primarily focuses on going after large corporations operating internationally, who engage in counterfeiting and running illegal businesses. Unfortunately, Nicol Harness had somehow become entangled in this legal action, which deeply troubled Combs. He expressed his sympathy and stated that no fan should ever have to be involved in such a situation.

Extending a Helping Hand

Combs revealed that he had personally spoken to Nicol Harness to address the issue directly. Harness informed Combs that $5,500 was being held in her Amazon account due to the lawsuit. Touched by her plight, Combs made the decision to help her out financially. He announced that he would be doubling the amount, sending her $11,000 to alleviate her worries and alleviate the financial strain caused by the lawsuit.

Additionally, Combs shared his plans to sell a similar tumbler on his website, with all proceeds going towards Nicol Harness and her family to help cover her medical bills. The tumbler was made available for purchase on Combs’ website for $20. Combs hoped that this gesture would further assist Harness and show his support during this challenging time.

Genuine Remorse and Reflection

Throughout the TikTok video, Luke Combs expressed his genuine remorse and reflected on the situation. He emphasized that the lawsuit was not in line with who he was as a person and as an artist. Combs stated that he was not driven by greed and that money was the last thing on his mind. He wanted to make it clear that he would never intentionally cause harm to his fans or anyone else.

Combs concluded the video by expressing his disbelief and reiterating his commitment to rectifying the situation. He extended an invitation to Nicol Harness and her family to attend one of his concerts in 2024, where he planned to personally apologize and offer support. Combs hoped that this gesture would demonstrate his sincerity and resolve in making amends.


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