‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Takes First Flight Since Viral Meltdown, Brings Camera Crew to Document

In July 2023, Tiffany Gomas, famously known as the “crazy plane lady,” made headlines after her viral meltdown on an American Airlines flight departing from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Four months later, Gomas embarked on her first flight since the incident, providing an exclusive interview with Inside Edition to reflect on the infamous event.

The Infamous Meltdown

Gomas’ meltdown caught the attention of millions when footage of her shouting and proclaiming her need to leave the plane circulated online. She made a notorious statement, exclaiming, “that motherf–ker back there is not real,” which she later claimed was a figure of speech during her interview with Inside Edition. The incident apparently began after she accused a male passenger of stealing her AirPods, setting off a chain of events that led to her viral outburst.

Reflecting on the Incident

During her interview, Gomas admitted to her behavior, acknowledging that she acted like a brat and expressing remorse for the passengers who witnessed her meltdown. She humorously mentioned that she still doesn’t know where her missing AirPods are, which was the initial trigger for the altercation. Gomas recognized her actions were regrettable and showed empathy for those affected by her behavior.

Smooth Return to Flying

Despite her previous ordeal, Gomas decided to face her fear and take her first flight since the incident. Filmed by Inside Edition, the footage showed Gomas calmly seated in her assigned seat, enjoying a soda, and sending emails during the flight from Dallas to New York. When asked if she experienced flashbacks during the flight, she responded with a laugh, stating that she tries to block out the entire incident. Gomas also confessed to avoiding watching the viral videos as they negatively impacted her mental health.

The Aftermath

According to an incident report, Gomas had a dispute with a family member on the plane, accusing them of stealing her AirPods. She then expressed concerns about the safety of the aircraft, leading to her removal from the plane by authorities. Despite her repeated attempts to return to the boarding area, she ultimately left the airport without signing a criminal trespass notice. While she was not arrested, American Airlines banned her from flying with them.

Clarifying the Infamous Line

During her interview, Gomas shed light on the infamous line she shouted during her meltdown. She explained that it was a figure of speech, indicating that the person she referred to was not being genuine. When asked about the perceived danger to other passengers, Gomas chose not to disclose further details for legal reasons, but she implied that it related to the altercation she had with the accused family member.

Lessons Learned

Gomas acknowledged her behavior and expressed remorse for her actions. The incident served as a learning opportunity for her, and she took responsibility for her behavior by admitting her bratty attitude. Through this experience, she gained insight into the importance of controlling her emotions and handling conflicts in a more constructive manner.

Moving Forward

Taking her first flight since the viral meltdown marked a significant step forward for Gomas. Despite the negative attention and the impact on her mental health, she chose to confront her fear and embrace the opportunity to rebuild her reputation. Gomas expressed her desire to move on from the incident and focus on personal growth and improvement.


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