ESPN Wasn’t Ready for This Answer from Women’s Softball Team

The University of Oklahoma women’s softball team won the national championship on Thursday, beating Florida State 3 to 1 in the second game of the three-game series. The team finished with a record-breaking 61 to 1 games and a 53-game winning streak. But what surprised ESPN reporters at a press conference was the team’s bold declaration of faith in Christ as their source of joy and motivation.

Several players, including Grace Lyons, Jayda Coleman, and Alyssa Brito, shared how their Christian faith helped them handle the pressure and anxiety of being the top-ranked team in the country. They said they were not afraid to lose because their life was in Christ, and they used the gesture of “eyes up” to remind themselves to fix their eyes on Christ. They also said they did not find fulfillment in the outcome of the game, but in the opportunity to glorify God through their talents.

Lyons said: “The only way that you can have a joy that doesn’t fade away is from the Lord. Thankfully we’ve had a lot of success this year, but if it was the other way around, joy from the Lord is the only thing that can keep you embracing those memories, moments, friendships.”

Coleman said: “I didn’t feel filled, and I had to find Christ in that. I think that’s what makes us so strong is we’re not afraid to lose. Yes, obviously we’ve worked our butts off to be here, and we want to win, but it’s not the end of the world because our life is in Christ, and that’s all that matters.”

Brito said: “We’re really like, fixing our eyes on Christ. You can’t find fulfillment in an outcome, whether it’s good or bad. I think that’s why we’re so steady in what we do and our love for each other and our love for the game because we know this game is giving us the opportunity to glorify God.”

The team’s testimony was a refreshing and inspiring display of courage and conviction in a culture that often marginalizes or mocks Christians. The players showed that their joy was not dependent on their performance or circumstances, but on their relationship with God. They also demonstrated that their faith was not a hindrance, but a strength that propelled them to excellence and victory.


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