Facebook Finally Decides to Start Charging

Facebook and Instagram, two social media giants owned by Meta, are currently testing a new subscription service called Meta Verified. This new feature is geared towards increasing authenticity, security and visibility for users across all of Meta’s services.

Meta Verified is available to users aged 18 or older who can provide valid government identification that matches their profile name and photo on both Facebook and Instagram. Accounts must also meet a minimum activity requirement in terms of posts prior to eligibility.

For a fee of $11.99 per month on the web or $14.99 per month through mobile apps like iOS and Android, subscribers will receive access to several perks such as badge verification for their account, impersonation protection, increased visibility through higher reach of content, exclusive features allowing for more creative expression in addition to one-on-one customer support from a “real person” if any issues arise.

The launch date for Meta Verified is scheduled later this week starting with Australia and New Zealand as initial test markets before further expansion across the globe. This new update comes with great potential for both influencers looking to increase their following as well as everyday users wanting an extra layer of security for their digital presence on social media platforms.

As the subscription service continues its rollout in the coming weeks and months, it’ll be interesting to see which other benefits become available depending on user feedback or even if other global markets decide to adopt it into their online culture.

I know that there are going to be people complaining about it just like they did with Twitter and just like they complain about every time in the past when it never happens, but they think that it is going to because they end up sharing some fake chain letter thing about it. I honestly wouldn’t be upset if they started charging everyone to use the platform. Maybe people would get off of it and start living normal lives once again.


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