Floyd Mayweather Fight Ends in Chaotic Brawl After Fight is Stopped

The boxing world witnessed a shocking scene on Sunday night when Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III’s exhibition match ended in chaos. The fight, which was supposed to be a friendly showcase of skills, turned into a violent brawl that involved both fighters’ entourages and security personnel.

The trouble started in the sixth round when referee Kenny Bayless disqualified Gotti for repeatedly grabbing Mayweather’s arms and preventing him from punching. Gotti, who is the grandson of notorious mob boss John Gotti, did not accept the decision and tried to attack Mayweather after the bell. Mayweather, who had been taunting and showboating throughout the fight, defended himself and exchanged blows with Gotti.

Soon, both fighters’ teams rushed into the ring and joined the melee. Fists flew in all directions as fans and media members watched in disbelief. The situation was so chaotic that it took several minutes for the security to restore order and escort both fighters out of the arena.

The fight, which was broadcasted on Zeus Network pay-per-view, was widely criticized by boxing fans and experts for being a disgrace to the sport. Mayweather, who is widely regarded as one of the best boxers of all time, was accused of tarnishing his legacy by participating in such a low-level spectacle. Gotti, who had a brief MMA career before switching to boxing, was slammed for his lack of discipline and respect.

The fight also drew attention from UFC star Conor McGregor, who posted a tweet supporting Gotti and declaring “war” on Mayweather. McGregor later deleted the tweet, but not before it sparked speculation about a possible rematch between him and Mayweather, who fought in 2017.

The aftermath of the fight is still unclear, as both fighters could face legal consequences for their actions. It is also unknown if they will face any sanctions from boxing authorities or if they will ever fight again.



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