Ghost Asks Paranormal Investigators a Question That Sends Chills Down Their Spines

Paranormal activity is a topic that has been around for centuries, and it seems to be gaining more traction as time goes on. Recently, paranormal investigators from Afterlife Paranormal spent the night at a castle and recorded some interesting findings.

Castle Bromwich Hall was built between 1557 and 1585 and is said to be home to numerous ghosts. During their investigation, the team used a “spirit box” which is a device that allows spirits to communicate with the living. They recorded a voice saying “are we friends?” which they believe was coming from one of the ghosts in the hall.

The team also reported seeing doors opening on command and believed they photographed a ghost known as ‘the white lady’. The team believes this ghost may have been trying to communicate with them through the spirit box or by opening doors.

The paranormal activity at Castle Bromwich Hall isn’t limited to just this one investigation either. Many people have reported strange occurrences over the years such as hearing voices, feeling cold spots, and seeing unexplained shadows moving around the building.

Birmingham is no stranger to haunted places either; there are many other locations throughout the city that are said to be haunted including pubs, theatres, churches, and even an old abandoned hospital! While it’s impossible to know whether these stories are true or not, it does make you wonder.

On the other hand, it’s probably a good idea not to mess around with things like this. Many people don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal, but others do. And besides, just because you don’t believe that something is real doesn’t actually mean that it’s not. I believe in ghosts and the paranormal, but I’m not going to go search these things out. I have, however, seen and heard many strange things from people who do dabble in this sort of thing.


  1. There are no such thing as “ghosts”. Those are demons. Don’t go looking for them and,
    as it is written: James 4:7
    “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”


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