‘Human Satan’ Undergoes Surgery to Transform Hands into Claws

Michel ‘Diabao’ Praddo, a 49-year-old Brazilian man known as the ‘Human Satan’, has pushed the boundaries of body modification to a new level. Known for his extreme transformation, Praddo has recently undergone a surgery that amputated three of his fingers, morphing them into a set of devilish claws.

Praddo had the pinky and ring fingers on his right hand and the ring finger on his left hand removed. Despite initial concerns about how this might impact his work as a tattoo artist, Praddo managed to adapt quickly and resume his craft almost normally. The procedure was not without its challenges, however. Along with occasional pain, he also experiences phantom sensations in his amputated digits. Despite these difficulties, Praddo has expressed immense satisfaction with his transformation.

A holder of a Guinness World Record for having the most subdermal ‘horn’ implants, Praddo has undergone over 60 procedures, including tattoos that cover about 85 percent of his body. His journey of self-transformation is driven by his passion for body art, and he plans to extend his claw-like transformations to his left hand, now referred to as ‘Las Garras,’ or ‘The Claws’.

Praddo’s radical transformations have not gone unnoticed. He has amassed a significant social media following where he shares videos demonstrating his extraordinary pain tolerance, like dangling from the ceiling using rings attached to the skin of his back. His horn implants earned him a Guinness World Record, a dream come true that took him to Milan, Italy, where his record was verified on the TV program Lo Show Dei Record.

Beyond the finger amputations, Praddo’s body modification journey includes removing the end of his nose, adding silver tusks to his mouth, and implanting four horns on either side of his head. With more than 80 percent of his body covered in tattoos, including his eyeballs, Praddo continues to push boundaries in his quest to become the world’s most modified man.



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