Inmate Dresses Up as Sheep to Escape Prison

José Luis Callisaya Diaz, a convicted murderer serving 15 years in prison for homicide in Bolivia, attempted a daring prison escape earlier this month. In an attempt to evade security, he disguised himself as a sheep and crawled through grassland.

The incident occurred at Chonchocoro, a maximum-security prison located in Bolivia. According to reports, the inmate was caught by prison security after pretending to be a sheep. Photos of the attempted prison escape obtained by NY Post showed the inmate wearing a white fleece and crawling on all fours.

The Bolivian convict had reportedly planned his escape carefully and thought that dressing up as a sheep would help him blend in with the other animals grazing nearby. However, his plan was foiled when he was spotted by guards who were patrolling the area.

Juan Carlos Limpias, head of Bolivia’s penitentiary regime, said that Diaz had been planning his escape for some time and had even managed to acquire a white fleece from another prisoner. He also noted that Diaz had been trying to find ways to escape since he first arrived at Chonchocoro two years ago.

This isn’t the first time an inmate has tried to escape from Chonchocoro using creative methods. In 2019, another inmate managed to break out of the prison by disguising himself as an elderly woman and walking out with visitors during visiting hours.

Diaz’s failed attempt is yet another reminder of how inmates will go to extreme lengths in order to break free from their confinement. It also serves as an example of why prisons need to remain vigilant when it comes to security measures and why inmates should not be given access to items that could potentially aid them in their attempts at escaping.

Overall, José Luis Callisaya Diaz’s attempt at escaping from Chonchocoro Prison is one that will surely go down in history as one of the most daring escapes ever attempted – even if it ultimately failed.


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