Instacart Shopper Being Hailed as a Hero for Likely Saving Elderly Customer’s Life

Jessica Higgs, an Instacart grocery delivery person from Georgia, is being hailed as a hero after her emotional TikTok video went viral, garnering over 16.5 million views. In the video, Higgs recounts how during a recent delivery, she decided to go with her gut and go out of her comfort zone, which may have saved the lives of a couple of people.

The customer had instructed Higgs to leave the bags on the porch, but something told her to help the man out. She brought the groceries inside and noticed that he was not well, so she messaged the customer’s daughter to let her know. Higgs also mentioned that there was a propane tank in the home, and suggested that there may have been a gas leak.

The daughter thanked Higgs for her help and changed her tip from $14 to $100. Higgs was overcome with emotion when she heard the woman’s response. The woman said that, after her son came to check on her father, it turned out that there was indeed a gas leak…a situation that Higgs likely prevented from becoming worse.

Propane gas is highly flammable, and tanks should never be stored indoors. Exposure to propane can lead to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headaches and irregular heartbeat, and significant exposure can lead to death. Thanks to Higgs’s quick-thinking and alertness, she may have saved lives that day.

Higgs’s video has been met with praise and admiration from celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Dove Cameron. Hadid commented, “You are not ‘just an Insta cart worker’!!!!!! U R helping people every single day in ways u probably don’t even know ❤️?Thank U for being U!!!!!!❤️” while Cameron wrote, “i don’t have words for how much this moved me . i’m so grateful that you exist.”


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Higgs’s story is a true testament to the power of being aware of your surroundings and following your intuition. Her story serves as a reminder to always be cognizant of your environment and to not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone to help someone. Instacart has also praised Higgs for her bravery, saying “We are constantly inspired by the incredible people who choose to be Instacart shoppers and intentionally make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

Jessica Higgs is an inspiration to us all, and her story is a reminder to always be alert and ready to help if we can. We can only hope that more people will follow Higgs’s example and be willing to go out of their comfort zone to make a positive impact in the lives of others.


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