King Charles Committed ‘Unforgiveable’ Sin Against Prince Harry

Before we delve into the specifics of the situation, it’s crucial to understand the significance of military titles in the royal family. These titles, bestowed upon members serving in the armed forces, symbolize honor, duty, and a strong connection to the military. For Prince Harry, who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, these titles held deep personal meaning and represented his commitment to his country and fellow servicemen.

The Decision to Remove Honorary Military Titles

In February 2021, following Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s decision to step back as senior members of the royal family, King Charles made the controversial choice to strip Harry of his honorary military titles. These titles, including commodore-in-chief of small ships and diving, honorary air commandant of RAF Honington, and captain general of the Royal Marines, were initially bestowed upon Harry by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The decision to remove these titles was met with widespread criticism and disappointment. Royal author and biographer Robert Jobson, in his book “Our King: The Man and the Monarch Revealed,” revealed that Prince Harry “hates” the fact that his father took such drastic measures. This move not only stripped Harry of his connection to the military but also served as a painful reminder of the rift between father and son.

The Impact on Prince Harry

The loss of his honorary military titles has had a profound effect on Prince Harry. As a member of the armed forces, these titles held great personal significance for him. They represented not only his commitment to duty but also his connection to his fellow servicemen. Losing them has left Harry feeling betrayed and resentful towards his father.

According to Jobson, Prince Harry “hates the idea that he is not captain general of the Royal Marines … and he hates the fact that he’s lost all these positions.” These sentiments highlight the depth of Harry’s disappointment and the impact this decision has had on his sense of identity and purpose.

The Strained Relationship Between Father and Son

The removal of Prince Harry’s honorary military titles has further strained an already fragile relationship between him and his father, King Charles. The decision is seen as a symbolic snub, reflecting the wider issues within the royal family and the complexities of their strained dynamic.

Jobson suggests that Harry may never forgive his father for this “hate-filled” decision. The loss of the military titles represents a deep betrayal for Prince Harry, who once believed that his service to his country and his commitment to the royal family would be recognized and valued.

The Royal Family’s Response

The royal family’s response to this situation has been a subject of great interest and speculation. While Harry and Meghan Markle have experienced various challenges and controversies since their departure from royal life, King Charles has made it clear that he will not strip them of their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, which were a special gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II.

This decision highlights the delicate balance between preserving tradition and acknowledging the changing dynamics within the royal family. Stripping Harry and Meghan of their titles entirely would have far-reaching implications and potentially alienate the couple even further. However, the removal of Harry’s military titles sends a clear message about the consequences of his decision to step back from his royal duties.

The Long-Term Consequences

The fallout from the removal of Prince Harry’s honorary military titles extends beyond the strained relationship between father and son. It raises important questions about the future of the monarchy and the role of tradition in an ever-evolving world.

Harry’s departure from royal life and the subsequent removal of his titles reflect a broader shift within the royal family. The younger generation, led by Harry and Meghan, is challenging the traditional norms and expectations placed upon them. While this evolution is necessary for the survival of the monarchy, it also poses challenges and potential rifts within the family itself.


  1. King Charles should have never become King. Queen Elizabeth II had it right on skipping Charles. Charles likely will end the British monarchy.

  2. I’m sorry but since he doesn’t really want to have any working things connected to the monarchy then he really should’nt have his royal title of Duke of Sussex especially Megan shouldn’t have a title. His grandmother became Queen because her uncle denounced the throng to marry an American commoner. Therefore since Megan talked him into moving to California & doing what they want let them truly become Americans & we don’t have titles here. She got what she wanted to marry a prince get a title & not have any of the responsibility of that title. Since William is not a fan of Megan’s best watch out Harry boy when your brother becomes King. He might just decide to do away with your titles.


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