Lab Grown “Chicken” Coming to a Store Near You

In a crazy breakthrough, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved two American producers of lab-grown meat, a product derived from animal cells for human consumption. This marks a significant achievement in the food industry as laboratory-grown chicken developed by Upside Food has been declared safe to eat, paving the way for its sale in the market.

The California-based company uses a unique process to manufacture its meat. The initial step involves harvesting cells from live animals and chicken tissue, which are then utilized to grow meat in stainless-steel tanks known as bioreactors. The FDA evaluated Upside Food’s production and cell material and expressed its satisfaction with the safety of its cultivated chicken filet, making it the first cultured chicken product to receive a clearance from FDA.

With advancements in cell culture technology, food developers are now leveraging animal cells obtained from livestock poultry and seafood to produce food, indicating a revolution in the food industry. This has led the FDA to support innovation in food technologies while maintaining food safety as its top priority.

Moreover, Uma Valeti, the founder and CEO of Upside Foods, expressed his delight at FDA’s approval, which he claimed would prove to be a milestone moment in the industry. Following Upside Foods’ footsteps, the ‘GOOD Meat’ brand’s chicken is the second cultivated meat product approved by the FDA. The FDA accepts the company’s conclusion that its product is safe for human consumption as they have no further questions about its safety.

With these regulatory approvals, lab-grown chicken meat is inching closer to becoming a staple on restaurant menus and store shelves, with consumers eagerly waiting to try this groundbreaking innovation in food technology. Personally, I’m not going to be one of them. I’m not into lab-grown food products. Call me old fashioned, but I’ll just keep eating real chicken.


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