Major Allegations Made Against Sean ‘ Diddy’ Combs

Cassie, the ex-girlfriend of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, accusing him of rape, human trafficking, and abuse. This lawsuit, filed in New York, has brought to light a series of disturbing allegations that Cassie claims she endured during her relationship with Combs.

After years of remaining silent, Cassie, whose full name is Cassandra Ventura, has finally decided to speak up about her traumatic experiences. In a statement, she expressed her determination to share her story not only for her own benefit but also to shed light on the issue of violence and abuse faced by women in relationships. With the expiration of the Adult Survivors Act in New York approaching, Cassie saw an opportunity to seek justice and raise awareness about the lasting effects of the trauma she endured.

The lawsuit claims that in 2018, Combs forcibly entered Cassie’s home and sexually assaulted her. According to the complaint, Combs ignored her pleas to stop and proceeded to rape her, even as she continued to resist. Cassie states that she took immediate action to distance herself from her abuser by terminating her record deal with Bad Boy Entertainment and severing all ties with Combs.

The lawsuit also alleges that Diddy made a statement about blowing up Kid Cudi’s car, which later actually exploded in his driveway. Combs has strongly denied these allegations.  There is a whole lot more to this story, but it gets much more R-rated, so rather than going into great depth here, I’ll point you to the below video:

See…I told you there was some other things going on. There is also another video that tells of how Diddy told Cassie one day to shave her head, and she said that she would do whatever he told her to do, so she did indeed shave her head.


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