Man Pummeled by Mike Tyson on Flight Now Demanding Money

In April of last year, a JetBlue flight from San Francisco to Florida became the stage for a shocking incident involving former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson. The incident, which was filmed by other passengers and widely circulated on the internet, saw Tyson allegedly assaulting a fellow passenger, Melvin Townsend. Now, Townsend’s attorney has sent Tyson’s legal team a pre-litigation settlement demand for $450,000, claiming injuries and damages. However, Tyson’s attorney has vehemently denied the demand, referring to it as a “shakedown.”

Excitement Turns to Chaos

According to Townsend’s attorney, Melvin Townsend was merely a fan who was “excited” to chat with Mike Tyson before the altercation took place. The incident occurred when Townsend approached Tyson, discussing topics such as the marijuana industry and psychedelic mushrooms. However, the situation quickly escalated, leading to a physical confrontation.

Tyson’s Violent Response

Footage of the incident captured Tyson turning and leaning over his seat to punch Townsend several times. The boxer’s representatives claimed that Tyson reacted violently because Townsend threw a water bottle at him. However, the pre-litigation demand disputes this, stating that Townsend had no intention of instigating violence and was merely engaging in a friendly conversation.

Townsend’s Injuries and Damages

Following the altercation, Townsend claims to have experienced severe headaches, neck pain, and ongoing medical issues. The pre-litigation settlement demand includes compensation for Townsend’s medical care, including medication, therapy, and treatment for head and neck pain, as well as depression and PTSD. Moreover, Townsend alleges that he suffered professional setbacks due to the notoriety of the incident, losing several jobs as a result.

The Pre-Litigation Settlement Demand

In the demand letter sent to Tyson’s lawyers, Townsend’s attorney outlines the requested settlement amount of $450,000. Accepting the settlement would require Townsend to waive any future lawsuits against Tyson and would cover his ongoing medical expenses and other associated damages. However, Tyson’s attorney, Alex Spiro, categorically refuses to cooperate or make any payment, referring to the demand as a “shakedown.”

Tyson’s Admission of Wrongdoing

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Tyson expressed remorse for the incident, admitting, “I shouldn’t have done that.” He acknowledged that it was a mistake and that it should never have happened. However, despite Tyson’s public apology, the legal battle between the former champion and Townsend continues.

Tyson’s Attorney Denies the Demand

Alex Spiro, representing Mike Tyson, firmly rejects the pre-litigation settlement demand, stating that there will be no payment made. He refers to the demand as a shakedown, indicating that it is an attempt to extort money from Tyson. Spiro stands by his client, asserting that Tyson was provoked and acted in self-defense during the incident.

No Charges Filed Against Tyson

Authorities declined to press charges against Tyson in connection with the incident. This decision came despite the former athlete’s acknowledgment of his involvement on the “Hotboxin'” podcast. Tyson claimed that Townsend was “f–king with” him, implying that he was provoked into reacting violently.

Townsend’s Criminal Convictions

It is worth noting that Melvin Townsend has a history of criminal convictions, including fraud, grand theft, and burglary. While this information may not directly impact the legal battle, it adds a layer of complexity to the situation.


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