Man’s Message in a Bottle Returned 37 Years After Tossing It into the Sea as a Little Boy

We’ve all seen it in the movies. Someone writes a message on a piece of paper, sticks it inside of a bottle, and hurls it out into the ocean. Sometimes it’s for help, sometimes it’s for love, and sometimes it’s just for fun to see what would happen. Well, one man recently found out what happened to his message he threw into the ocean after several decades.

After 37 long years, an incredible surprise has been returned to a Kentucky man who once threw a message in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean as a young boy. It all began back in 1985, when 10-year-old Troy Heller took a note and put it inside of a Pepsi bottle before tossing it into the waters off Vero Beach, Florida.

On Nov 13th, the bottle was spotted by two teachers who were helping with beach cleanup after Hurricane Nicole in Sebastian – only about 13 miles away from where Troy had originally thrown it. Instead of keeping the bottle for themselves, they handed it off to the nearby Carmaxx family.

Troy couldn’t believe that his message had finally made its way back home. “I just thought I’d throw it in the ocean and see where it went,” he said with amazement. “It’s just incredible that it finally found its way back.” The Carmaxx family felt quite special too; Katie remarked that they were lucky enough to run into two amazing teachers picking up debris after the hurricane.

It’s truly amazing to think that such a small object could travel over 3700 miles through turbulent oceans waves and yet still make its way back home. It’s even more miraculous that Troy’s original intentions are still intact after all this time, as he was hoping to see if his message would travel far from where he first cast it out so many years ago.


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