Matt Damon Reveals Why He Hated Kissing Scarlett Johansson

When it comes to on-screen kisses, actors often have to navigate various challenges. From ensuring good chemistry with their co-stars to dealing with unexpected surprises, the process can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. In a recent interview, renowned actor Matt Damon shared an amusing anecdote about one of his on-screen kisses, specifically with the talented Scarlett Johansson during the filming of the 2011 family comedy “We Bought a Zoo.” Damon’s humorous tale sheds light on the unexpected obstacles that can arise during these intimate scenes and the camaraderie that develops between co-stars. Let’s dive into the hilarious story that Damon shared and explore the dynamics of on-screen kisses.

The Unforgettable On-Screen Kiss

During an interview with LADBible TV, Matt Damon and actress Emily Blunt engaged in a lighthearted discussion about proper etiquette for shooting kissing scenes with co-stars. Damon, known for his witty remarks, couldn’t help but share his experience of locking lips with Scarlett Johansson. “I had to kiss Scarlett Johansson — can you imagine how horrible that was for me?” Damon jokingly exclaimed. He playfully described the experience as “hell,” setting the stage for an entertaining tale.

A Perfect Shot Before Lunch

Damon recounted the sequence of events leading up to the unexpected challenge he faced during the kissing scene. He explained that they had filmed a shot before lunch, which involved a nice two-shot that culminated in the kiss. Damon emphasized that the scene had gone well, creating a positive atmosphere on set. Both he and Johansson believed that the kiss marked the end of their intimate scenes for the day.

A Surprise Onion Sandwich

However, fate had a humorous twist in store for Damon and Johansson. During the lunch break, Johansson consumed an onion sandwich, completely unaware that they would have to resume filming the kissing scene afterward. Damon’s storytelling skills added to the comedic effect as he recounted the moment of realization when Johansson returned to the set. Director Cameron Crowe had set up the camera for a tight shot of the kiss, and Johansson exclaimed, “Ah sh*t! I literally just had an onion sandwich!” Damon couldn’t help but find the situation amusing.

Making Fun of Onion Breath

Despite the unexpected challenge, Damon approached the situation with lightheartedness. He shared that he teased Johansson about her onion breath throughout the filming of the scene. Damon’s ability to find humor in the midst of the awkwardness further highlighted the camaraderie between the co-stars. He playfully joked about her onion breath, emphasizing that he didn’t actually smell it because, in his eyes, Johansson’s breath smelled like roses.

The Chemistry Beyond the Kiss

The hilarious encounter between Damon and Johansson showcases the unique dynamics that can develop between actors on set. Despite the initial challenges, Damon’s ability to find humor in the situation and his playful banter with Johansson created a comfortable and enjoyable working environment. The incident also highlights the professionalism required to deliver excellent performances despite unexpected circumstances.


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