Miranda Lambert Stops Another Show Amid Backlash

During one of her Las Vegas shows, Miranda Lambert called for an unscheduled time-out to address the audience. This time, instead of stirring controversy, she expressed her enthusiasm for a concertgoer’s t-shirt, which had the slogan “Shoot Tequila, Not Selfies.” Lambert, known for her strong opinions on selfies, playfully acknowledged the fan’s shirt, exclaiming, “Her shirt says, ‘Shoot tequila, not selfies!’ She did it, I didn’t!” The crowd responded with laughter and applause, and Lambert even called the shirt “bada–,” adding to the lighthearted moment.

Previous Selfie Controversy

This interaction with the fan came just days after Lambert faced backlash for her anti-selfie tirade during another Vegas show. In a viral clip, Lambert interrupted her performance of “Tin Man” to express her frustration with fans more interested in taking selfies than listening to her music. Lambert stated, “It’s p*ssing me off a little bit. Sorry, I don’t like it. At all. We’re here to hear some country music tonight. I’m singing some country d**n music.” This outburst led to several fans leaving the concert in protest, feeling called out by the singer’s remarks.

Fan’s Perspective

One of the fans who experienced Lambert’s selfie-shaming firsthand, Adela Calin, shared her thoughts on the incident. Calin expressed that being called out by Lambert made her feel like she was back in school, being scolded for doing something wrong. She believed that Lambert was determined to portray them as young, immature, and vain, despite their genuine intention of capturing a moment. Calin emphasized that the selfie took no more than 30 seconds, and they were simply grown women trying to take a picture.

Reactions from Music Icons

Lambert’s behavior drew criticism not only from fans but also from fellow music icons. LL Cool J, while appearing on the “Mercedes in the Morning” podcast, advised Lambert to move on, saying, “They’re fans. Let me tell you something about art… Your job as an artist is to create art. The way people choose to interact with that art or engage in it and appreciate it is up to them.”

The Beach Ball Incident

Adding fuel to the fire, a video resurfaced of Lambert popping a fan’s beach ball during a previous concert. This incident further contributed to the ongoing controversy surrounding her behavior towards fans. The video went viral, sparking more discussions and debates about Lambert’s actions and their impact on her fanbase.

The Aftermath

With fans divided and the controversy continuing to make headlines, it remains to be seen how Lambert will respond to the backlash. As an artist, she has always been known for her authenticity and outspoken nature, but these recent incidents have polarized her fanbase. Only time will tell if Lambert’s actions will have a lasting impact on her career and the way she engages with her fans.


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