Missing Teen Found After 4 Years of Searching

In a remarkable turn of events, an Arizona teenager who had been missing for four years has been found safe in Montana, over 1,000 miles away from her home. Alicia Navarro, now 18 years old, walked into a police station in a small town near the Canadian border and identified herself. Her disappearance in 2019 had triggered a nationwide search effort, involving the FBI and thousands of leads.

The Disappearance

Alicia Navarro went missing on September 15, 2019, when she was just 14 years old. Her mother, Jessica Nunez, reported her missing after finding a note from Alicia stating that she had run away but would return. Nunez expressed concern that her daughter might have been lured away by someone she met online. Complicating matters, Alicia had been diagnosed as high-functioning on the autism spectrum. The disappearance prompted a massive search effort, with the Glendale, Arizona, police department leading the investigation and the FBI providing assistance.

The Nationwide Search

The Glendale Police Department and federal partners worked tirelessly to follow up on thousands of leads over the course of four long years. The case received widespread attention, and the family held onto hope that Alicia would be found safe. The FBI received numerous tips, and the community rallied together in support of the search efforts. Finally, after years of uncertainty, Alicia’s reappearance brought a glimmer of hope and closure to her family.

The Reappearance

Alicia Navarro’s reappearance took place in a small town in Montana, close to the Canadian border. Alone and far from home, she walked into a local police station and introduced herself. The authorities, along with federal partners and the Glendale Police Department, immediately began investigating the situation. Interviews with Alicia and her family members confirmed her identity, putting an end to years of uncertainty. Although Alicia’s return is a relief, the investigation into her whereabouts during the four-year period and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance is ongoing.

“Alicia is asking for privacy at this time. We are thankful we can bring some type of closure to her family. We are also thankful she appears to be in good health and happy.” – Glendale Police Department

Alicia’s Condition

The Glendale Police Department reassured the public that Alicia Navarro is safe, healthy, and happy. She had not been harmed while she was missing, and there are no criminal charges against her. The authorities emphasized that Alicia is not in any kind of trouble. Lt. Scott Waite described the emotional reunion between Alicia and her mother as “emotionally overwhelming.” Alicia expressed deep remorse for the pain and worry she had caused her mother during her absence.

“I want to give glory to God for answering prayers and for this miracle. For everyone who has missing loved ones, I want you to use this case as an example. Miracles do exist. Never lose hope and always fight.” – Jessica Nunez

The Importance of Hope

Jessica Nunez, Alicia’s mother, expressed her gratitude to God and encouraged others who have missing loved ones to never lose hope. The case of Alicia Navarro serves as a powerful reminder that miracles can happen and that perseverance in the face of uncertainty is crucial. The community’s support, the relentless efforts of law enforcement, and the nationwide search contributed to Alicia’s safe return. The family now has an opportunity to rebuild their lives and cherish the time they lost.

The remarkable story of Alicia Navarro’s reappearance after being missing for four years is a testament to the power of hope and the tireless efforts of law enforcement. Her safe return has brought closure to her family, and the investigation into her disappearance continues. Alicia’s story serves as inspiration for those who have missing loved ones, reminding them to never lose hope and always fight. The Glendale Police Department and federal partners are committed to uncovering the truth behind Alicia’s disappearance and ensuring her well-being moving forward.


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