MLB Pitcher Accidentally Hits and Kills a Bird with His Throw

In a rare and tragic incident, a MLB pitcher accidentally hit and killed a bird with his throw during pregame warm-ups. Zac Gallen, who plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks, was practicing his curveball in the outfield before facing the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday. As he released the ball, a bird flew across its path and was struck by the projectile. The bird fell to the ground, apparently dead from the impact.

This is not the first time that a Diamondbacks pitcher has killed a bird with a throw. In 2001, Hall of Famer Randy Johnson famously threw a fastball that collided with a bird during a spring training game against the New York Yankees. The bird exploded into feathers as the ball continued to the catcher’s mitt. Johnson later said he felt bad for the bird.

The odds of hitting a bird with a baseball are extremely low, but not impossible. According to a 2017 study by researchers at Stanford University, the probability of such an event is about one in a billion. The study used data from MLB games and bird migration patterns to estimate how often a bird would be in the vicinity of a pitch.

The study also suggested that curveballs are more likely to hit birds than fastballs, because they have more time in the air and more horizontal movement. This might explain why Gallen’s curveball and Johnson’s fastball had different outcomes for the birds.

Gallen said he was shocked by what happened and called it a “freak accident”. He added that he hoped the bird was not endangered or protected by law. He also said he was not superstitious and did not think the incident would affect his performance on the mound.

The Diamondbacks went on to lose the game 5-0, with Gallen giving up four runs in four innings. He said he did not blame the bird for his poor outing, but rather his lack of command and execution.



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