Mom Shares ‘Life Changing’ Hack to Keep Strawberries Fresh for Weeks

The wonders of fruit never cease to amaze. No sooner do you think you’ve mastered the art of finding and storing it than a new hack comes onto the scene that sets all your previous efforts at naught. Recently, one TikTok user shared a life-changing tip for keeping strawberries fresh for up to two weeks, prompting other users to comment on how this revelation had changed their lives too.

Her trick? Simply store them in a jar before putting them in the refrigerator.

She excitedly proclaimed, “Who was going to tell me that if you store strawberries in jars, you don’t have to sacrifice half of them to the strawberry gods? They last. They don’t go bad. They stay good. You don’t have to throw half of them away. I wasted so many strawberries because nobody told me.”

According to comments on her video, other users were equally as shocked by the discovery and amazed that they’d been kept in the dark about such a simple yet profound tip.

One viewer replied: “Nobody told me,” while another responded: “Currently eating week old strawberries straight from my glass jar, so so fresh still. I learnt also from this app.”

And that’s not even the end of it. There are several variations on this storage hack available online with different results depending on what kind of fruit you’re trying to keep fresh for longer periods of time.

For instance, one person suggested carefully rinsing berries in a vinegar and water solution before air drying them on a dish towel and then jarring them, although they made sure to warn that this method should not be used for broccoli since it can cause potentially dangerous lids popping off.

Not only is this handy trick incredibly easy to do. All you need is some jars, but it could also save you money in the long run by helping combat food waste, allowing you more time to enjoy your produce instead of having to constantly worry about when it’s going to spoil. So why not give it a go today and see how much longer your fruit will last.


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