Mystery Millionaire to Pay Big Bucks for a Jar of Sand

On Wednesday, NFL great Tom Brady announced his (second) retirement with a dramatic video shot on the beach of Surfside, Florida. With the announcement quickly gathering attention from around the world, one enterprising seller on eBay has decided to capitalize by offering an 8oz mason jar of sand that was scooped up from the very beach where Brady made the announcement.

The listing boasts that it is “bottled with the exact sand” used in Brady’s video, and bidders have been quick to respond. The highest bid so far stands at $99,990 and it is expected to only increase as time goes on. The listing also notes that bidding started at $677 in honor of Brady’s total career touchdowns. Bidding will end on February 12, 2023, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The listing includes a variety of photographs offering proof that the sand was taken from the spot where Brady made his announcement. This includes shots of a jar of sand with a dated copy of The New York Times and what appears to be the same array of buildings in background visible in Brady’s video. According to the seller, only two samples were taken within hours of his retirement announcement – one for sale here and one earmarked for delivery to radio show host Pat Mcafee if Boston Connor wants to hang on to it.

The seller holds an impressive 100% positive feedback from 489 previous sales, all conducted more than a year ago according to eBay records, giving potential buyers greater confidence about their purchase. Buyers should note however that similar listings have appeared since this first one appeared online, including one priced at $24,012.12 which commits 10% of proceeds to go towards TB12 Foundation, Brady’s nonprofit focused on inspiring athletes to excel both on and off the field.

Located only 1 mile away from Indian Creek Village where he and ex-wife Gisele B√ľndchen purchased property in 2020, Surfside was chosen by Brady due its deep significance as well as its serene beauty allowing him to capture an image worthy of such a momentous occasion. His post has already garnered 100+ million views across various social media platforms, showing just how popular he remains amongst football fans everywhere despite his retirement. He will go down in history as the greatest quarterback of all time.


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