Online Database You Can Check to See If Your Company Is About to Do Layoffs

Recession anxiety and layoff anxiety have been very real in 2023, and one TikToker has sought to educate the public about their right to information under the Department of Labor’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. Seattle-based creator Emma posted a video that has now generated over 700,000 views as of Saturday, detailing what steps people can take to discern whether or not their company may be planning on layoffs.

In the clip, Emma explains that large employers need to file a WARN notice if they’re planning a big layoff. She then uses Microsoft’s January 18 WARN notice as an example, which states that Redmond, Bellevue, and Issaquah Washington will begin layoffs on March 20th for 878 workers. Her video has since prompted many engaging conversations in the comments section about the law–people have asked questions about companies who don’t properly inform employees of potential layoffs and how those employees can get compensated for them instead.

The WARN Act requires employers with more than 50 workers to give advance notice of at least 60 days before any mass layoffs occur. This is designed so that affected employees have time to adjust their lives accordingly–by finding new employment opportunities or enrolling in job training programs while they still receive benefits from the company. The law also provides certain criteria for when employers are exempt from providing such advanced notices. These include when business closures are caused by natural disasters or unforeseeable economic changes.


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Overall, Emma’s video serves as an eye-opening reminder that individuals should remain alert to potentially concerning changes in their workplaces, especially during times of heightened economic uncertainty. It’s important for everyone to be aware of their rights under laws like WARN so that we can use them to help protect ourselves against unexpected hardships in our future careers.

The best way that I’ve found to do this is search “warn notice [your state]”. You might have to dig just a little bit. I’ve noticed some states go directly to the page, while others you have to navigate to the proper location.


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