Passenger Videos Worst Nightmare for Window Seat Flyer

Flying can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, especially when you secure a window seat. However, there are times when your in-flight experience can be marred by unwanted encroachment from fellow passengers.

The Experience of an In-Flight Space Invader

One passenger recently shared her frustrating experience of having her personal space invaded during a flight. The incident, captured on TikTok, received millions of views, resonating with countless travelers who have faced similar situations. The video showed an older gentleman seated in the middle seat repeatedly reaching past the window seat passenger to take photos of the view outside. Despite feeling uncomfortable, the window seat flyer chose not to confront the space invader and resorted to silently staring out the window.

@sterlingsavannahOnly option was to stare out the window????♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

Understanding Personal Space Boundaries

Maintaining personal space is crucial for a comfortable and respectful travel experience. While some individuals may be oblivious to the concept of personal space, it’s essential to advocate for yourself when someone encroaches on your boundaries. By understanding the various approaches you can take, you can address the situation without causing unnecessary tension.

Polite Conversation: The Spoonful of Sugar Approach

Engaging in a polite conversation is often the first step in addressing the issue of encroachment. The travel blog “A View From The Wing” suggests starting a conversation with the person and politely expressing your concern. By adding a spoonful of sugar to your request, you can make the conversation more pleasant and increase the chances of a positive outcome. For example, you could say, “Excuse me, I noticed you’re reaching past me to take photos. Would you mind refraining from doing so? I would appreciate having my personal space respected.”

Seeking an Alternative Seat

If the polite conversation approach seems uncomfortable or unsuccessful, consider scanning your section for any available empty seats. If you find one, discreetly approach a flight attendant and inquire if it’s possible to move to the vacant seat. This approach allows you to maintain your personal space without directly confronting the space invader. However, it is essential to be aware that not all flights may have unoccupied seats, so this option may not always be feasible.

Dealing with Persistent Space Invaders

In some cases, you may encounter a persistent space invader who disregards your boundaries despite your attempts to address the issue. When faced with such a situation, it’s crucial to explore alternative solutions to protect your personal space and ensure a more comfortable journey.

Shutting the Window Shade

One option to mitigate the intrusion is to simply close the window shade. By doing so, you limit the space invader’s ability to reach past you and take photos or invade your personal space. However, it’s important to note that shutting the window shade may not always be an ideal solution, especially if you were looking forward to enjoying the view during your flight.

Enlisting the Help of a Flight Attendant

If all else fails and the space invader continues to invade your personal space despite your efforts, consider seeking assistance from a flight attendant. While it should be a last resort, a flight attendant can intervene and address the issue with the individual, ensuring the comfort and safety of all passengers. Remember, flight attendants are trained to handle such situations professionally and can provide the necessary support.


  1. I would ask the invader politely to not invade my area. If he/she continues, then I would simply block his camera with my hand so that his intrusion has no benefit.


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