Pink Kicks Out Bizarre Concertgoer Mid-Show: ‘Do You Feel Good About Yourself?’

Pink, the pop icon known for her powerful performances and outspoken nature, recently found herself in a heated exchange with a concertgoer during her San Antonio show. The incident unfolded when a man started protesting circumcision, prompting Pink to take action.

The Incident Unfolds

As Pink was entering the acoustic part of her concert, she noticed a message on a man’s phone that caught her attention. The message read, “Circumcision is cruel and harmful.” Curious about the man’s intentions, Pink leaned in to read the message. She sarcastically asked him if he felt good about himself for making a point during her concert. The man responded with chants of “Yes,” seemingly aiming to condemn Pink’s performance.

Pink’s Non-Confrontational Response

Despite the man’s protests, Pink maintained her composure and responded in a non-confrontational manner. She questioned whether he would be alright after spending money on tickets just to voice his opinion. The crowd cheered and applauded Pink’s sarcastic response, showing their support for the singer.

Kicking Out the Protester

Rather than engaging in a prolonged argument, Pink decided to take action. She humorously remarked that she would use the ticket money to buy a Birkin bag and asked the man to leave, stating, “Get that s–t out of here.” Security intervened and escorted the protester out of the venue, while the crowd continued to cheer for Pink.

Pink’s Previous Encounters with Controversial Topics

This incident is not the first time Pink has faced controversy and strong opinions. In 2019, she sparked a debate after sharing a photo of her then-2-year-old son without his swim diaper near a pool. Some people criticized her for not noticing or preventing the situation, while others defended her as a normal mother who made a mistake.

Strange Happenings at Pink’s Concerts

Pink’s concerts have seen their fair share of unusual encounters. During a performance in London earlier this year, she received strange gifts from fans, including the ashes of a fan’s mother and a wheel of Brie de Meaux. These incidents highlight the unpredictable nature of live performances and the unique experiences fans bring to the table.

Social Media Backlash and Pink’s Response

Following the circumcision protest incident, Pink took to social media to express her frustration with the negativity she encountered. She criticized those who went off about her child’s swim diaper incident, stating that she didn’t notice it and deleting the photo due to the disgusting comments she received. Pink called out the toxicity of social media and the negative impact it can have on people’s lives.

Reactions from Fans and the Music Community

Many fans praised Pink for handling the circumcision protester with grace and humor. Videos of the incident went viral on platforms like TikTok, earning Pink even more admiration for her response. The music community also showed support for the singer, understanding the challenges that come with live performances and the occasional disruption caused by individuals seeking attention.

The Importance of Open Dialogue

The incident involving Pink and the circumcision protester highlights the importance of open dialogue and respectful communication. While everyone is entitled to their opinions, it is crucial to express them in appropriate settings and engage in constructive discussions rather than disrupting events meant for entertainment and enjoyment.


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