Rapper 50 Cent Sends Her to Emergency Room

In the world of live performances, unexpected incidents can sometimes steal the spotlight. Recently, renowned rapper 50 Cent found himself in the midst of controversy when he hurled a broken microphone into the crowd during his concert at the Crypto.com Arena in LA. The incident resulted in a gruesome head injury for one fan, leaving both the audience and the rapper shocked.

The Mic Mishap Unfolds

At the Crypto.com Arena on a Wednesday night, 50 Cent took the stage to deliver his electrifying performance. However, what was supposed to be a night of entertainment quickly turned into a chaotic scene. Throughout his set, the rapper was handed several broken microphones, which seemed to aggravate his frustration. As he joined rapper YG on stage, the mounting tension reached its peak.

Footage of the violent moment captured the pivotal moment when 50 Cent, visibly agitated, seized the mic and launched it into the audience. The video, although not revealing the exact landing spot of the device, left little doubt about its impact. Power 106 host radio Bryhana Monegain later shared her firsthand account, stating that the microphone struck her forehead, resulting in a gruesome injury.

The Gruesome Consequences

Images obtained by TMZ illustrate the severity of the fan’s head injury. Doctors promptly attended to Monegain’s wound, stitching it up and wrapping her forehead with ample gauze. The photographs serve as a stark reminder of the unexpected and dangerous consequences that can arise from such incidents.

The Fallout

Reps for 50 Cent and Bryhana Monegain have yet to respond to requests for comment from Page Six. However, a source connected to the rapper told TMZ that Monegain was not meant to be in the restricted section, suggesting that her presence there might have contributed to the incident. Nevertheless, this explanation does little to justify 50 Cent’s decision to throw the microphone into the crowd, endangering the audience.

In response to the incident, Monegain filed a police report, leading to 50 Cent being named a criminal battery suspect. The legal ramifications of his actions remain to be seen, and the consequences for the rapper’s career and reputation may be significant.

A Troubling Trend?

Interestingly, this is not the first time a rapper has found themselves entangled in a microphone-related controversy. Just months prior, Cardi B faced a similar situation during a concert in Las Vegas. In her case, a fan splashed her with a liquid, prompting her to retaliate by hurling the microphone in their direction. However, the mic ricocheted off an object and struck an unintended victim nearby. While the victim filed a police report, Cardi B was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing.

Mic on the Auction Block

Following the incident involving Cardi B, the microphone she threw found its way onto the online marketplace eBay. Scott Fisher, whose company provided audio support for the show, decided to auction off the mic for charity. The winning bid reached an astounding $99,900, demonstrating the allure of owning a piece of controversial music memorabilia.


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