Restaurant To Sue Customer After He Leaves $3,000 Tip On $13 Meal

A Pennsylvania restaurant, Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, made famous by its mention in the hit show ‘The Office,’ is taking legal action against a customer who left an extraordinarily generous tip of $3,000 for a waitress. The customer, identified as Eric Smith, initially seemed to be part of a social media movement called Tips for Jesus. However, he later disputed the charge on his credit card, leaving the restaurant to bear the burden of paying the waitress.

A Generous Gesture Turns Sour

Mariana Lambert, a waitress at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, was overjoyed when she received a massive $3,000 tip from a customer. The tip came in the form of a credit card charge with the message ‘Tips For Jesus.’ Lambert was deeply touched by the generosity, especially during a time when many people and businesses were struggling due to the pandemic. She felt like she had hit the jackpot.

The Dispute and Legal Action

Unfortunately, the elation soon turned into disappointment when Eric Smith, the customer who left the generous tip, disputed the charge with his credit card company. Lambert had already received the $3,000 from the restaurant, but now they were left to cover the cost. The restaurant management tried to resolve the misunderstanding by reaching out to Smith through Facebook but received no response. Frustrated and out of options, they decided to involve the magistrate’s office and file charges against Smith.

Zachary Jacobson, the manager at Alfredo’s Cafe, expressed his frustration, saying, “We’re just out of money at this point, and he told us to sue him so that is what we are going to end up doing, I guess.” The entire ordeal has been aggravating for the restaurant, which is now seeking legal recourse to recoup the $3,000.

A Hardworking Waitress and Unresolved Consequences

Lambert, the hardworking waitress who received the generous tip, has been caught in the middle of the dispute. She expressed her gratitude initially, believing that someone was genuinely trying to do a good thing. However, as the situation unfolded and the dispute escalated, she found herself in a difficult position.

The $3,000 tip was a significant amount of money for Lambert, and she believed it was well-deserved. She hoped that Smith would take responsibility for his actions and honor the tip he left. Lambert’s dedication and hard work as a waitress made her deserving of such a substantial reward. The incident has caused financial strain on the restaurant and has become a public relations challenge for a small business.

The Impact of ‘The Office’

Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe gained notoriety after being mentioned in an episode of the hit show ‘The Office.’ In the episode titled ‘The Launch Party,’ the characters debated the superiority of Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe over another fictional restaurant, Pizza by Alfredo. The mention on the popular show brought attention to the real-life restaurant, boosting its visibility and reputation.


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