Singer Marries, Then Divorces a Ghost…You Won’t Believe Why

In the realm of peculiar love stories, British musician Brocarde’s unconventional marriage to the ghost of a Victorian soldier named Edwardo takes the cake. This extraordinary tale has captured the attention of many, leaving people both bewildered and intrigued.

The Enigmatic Union

In November 2022, Brocarde allegedly tied the knot with Edwardo, a spectral presence from the Victorian era. Love knows no boundaries apparently, and for Brocarde, her connection with Edwardo transcended the realm of the living. The ceremony, filled with mystery and wonder, was a testament to their unique bond.

Unraveling the Unsettling Affair

However, not long after their nuptials, cracks began to appear in their otherworldly union. Brocarde claimed that Edwardo had started having an affair with none other than Marilyn Monroe’s ghost. The scent of Chanel No. 5, Monroe’s signature fragrance, clung to Edwardo, and his inappropriate remarks about the iconic actress deepened Brocarde’s suspicions. The unexpected infidelity left Brocarde devastated, and the couple sought the help of a medium for marriage counseling.

“She’s much more traditional than you’d think,” jests Glenn Beck, struggling to comprehend the peculiar dynamics of their relationship.

A Strange Twist: Children in Limbo

While infidelity often serves as the breaking point in many relationships, Brocarde’s reasons for walking away from Edwardo were far more unconventional. It wasn’t the affair itself that led to their separation, but rather the issue of children. Surprisingly, it was Brocarde who expressed her reluctance to have Edwardo’s spectral offspring. This unexpected turn of events led to an even stranger development in their tumultuous love story.

“I told him I didn’t want his children,” Brocarde shares, recounting the haunting experience of a screaming phantom baby.

The Divorce and its Consequences

Ultimately, Brocarde decided to end her marriage to Edwardo through an exorcism. This intense spiritual process left the singer shaken and sweating, symbolizing the end of their unconventional bond. However, the aftermath of their divorce brought about unexpected consequences for Brocarde. She developed a bout of Tourette’s syndrome and an unusual craving for raw lemons. The toll this otherworldly experience took on her physical and mental well-being was undeniable.


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