Singer Opens Up About Amy Winehouse’s Death

Bryan Adams, the renowned singer-songwriter, recently opened up about his special bond with the late Amy Winehouse. In a heartfelt discussion with The Sunday Times, Adams revealed his efforts to assist Winehouse during her struggles with addiction. Despite his genuine intentions, Adams acknowledged that true change must come from within. Winehouse’s untimely death in 2011 left a void in the music industry, as her immense talent and individuality were admired by many.

A Friendship Begins

Adams first crossed paths with Winehouse when he had the opportunity to photograph her. It was during this encounter that they struck up a friendship, eventually leading to an invitation for Winehouse to spend the holidays with Adams and his family. The singer-songwriter extended his hand in support, acknowledging Winehouse’s remarkable talent and unique personality. Adams’ admiration for her individuality served as a testament to the impact she had on him personally and artistically.

The Mustique Getaway

In 2007, Adams flew Winehouse to his Point Lookout villa on the picturesque island of Mustique. This idyllic retreat provided a serene environment where Winehouse could relax and find solace. Adams’ intention was to offer support and guidance to his troubled friend, but he understood that true healing could only come from within. Despite his genuine efforts, Adams expressed uncertainty about the extent to which he made a difference in Winehouse’s life.

“Sure, I tried to help her but, you know, it’s got to come from within,” Adams shared with The Sunday Times. “I really don’t know what happened with Amy, and it is so sad because she was so, so talented, and I so admired her individuality massively. But did I make a difference? I don’t know.”

A Photographic Journey

Adams’ connection with Winehouse extended beyond their personal friendship. In 2007, he had the privilege of photographing her for the Hear the World nonprofit organization, which aimed to raise awareness for hearing impairment. This collaboration allowed Adams to capture the essence of Winehouse’s talent and individuality through his lens. The images he captured highlighted her unique voice and songwriting abilities, showcasing her as an incredible talent whose music would undoubtedly endure.

Remembering Amy Winehouse

Following Winehouse’s tragic passing, Adams shared his deep admiration for her during an appearance on The Andrew Marr Show in 2014. He described her as an enormous talent, emphasizing her ability to write her own songs and her captivating personality. Adams captured an image of Winehouse that not only reflected her physical appearance but also encapsulated the essence of her character. He believed that her music would continue to resonate with audiences and that her legacy would live on indefinitely.

“She wrote her own songs, she had a unique voice, and she was a great personality,” Adams expressed. “And I think she represents a type of person who exists here in London, and her music will live on forever. She was an interesting character and she was very self-determined.”

Bryan Adams and Princess Diana

In addition to his friendship with Winehouse, Adams shared a close bond with Princess Diana. He regarded her as an incredible woman and a great source of inspiration. Their friendship began when Adams wrote a song titled “Diana,” believed to be inspired by her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981. Diana expressed her interest in hearing the song, leading Adams to send her a copy. This gesture ultimately led to an invitation to Kensington Palace and the establishment of a genuine friendship.

“When I first went round to [Kensington Palace], she wasn’t, like, ‘I really need to talk to somebody,’ and you don’t bulldoze into someone’s life wanting to know everything in the first 10 minutes,” Adams reminisced. “It was, ‘Let’s have a cup of tea.’ But later, the more friendly we got, the more I learned what was really going on.”

Adams cherished the conversations he had with Princess Diana, considering their time together as one of the greatest things that had ever happened to him. He admired her resilience and regarded her as an amazing woman who left an indelible mark on his life.


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