‘Sister Wife’ Back on the Dating Scene After Divorce from Polygamist Husband

After 25 years of marriage, Christine Brown is back on the dating scene. The “Sister Wives” star announced her split from Kody Brown in late 2021 and recently took to Instagram to share her experience with online dating.

In a post on Sunday, Christine wrote that she was “dating again!! Holy. Hell. Awkward.” She asked for advice from her followers about how to navigate the world of online dating at 50 years old.

Christine’s post comes after months of speculation about the status of her relationship with Kody. In November 2021, the couple officially announced their separation after being married since 1994. They have six children together and continue to co-parent amicably while living in different homes in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The couple has been open about their struggles over the past year, including Kody’s decision to move out of their shared home and into his own place. Despite this, they have remained committed to their family and are determined to make things work for their children’s sake.

Christine has also been vocal about how difficult it is for her to start dating again after such a long-term relationship. She admitted that it feels “awkward” but is determined to find someone who can make her happy and provide emotional support during this difficult time in her life.

It’s clear that Christine is ready to move on with her life and find someone new who can bring joy into her life once again. While it may be an intimidating process for someone who hasn’t dated in decades, Christine is showing us all that it’s never too late for love!

Christine also spoke about how she and Kody are getting along now that they are no longer married. She said that they still have a strong bond and remain committed to co-parenting their children. She also said that she and Kody “share a deep sense of respect and understanding for one another.”


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