Supermarket Shuts Down After Spider Discovered Inside that Causes Bizarre Reaction

In an unusual turn of events, an Austrian supermarket has been forced to close its doors after the discovery of a spider believed to cause long and painful erections in men. The Penny shop in Krems an der Donau, located just outside Vienna, was evacuated after the store manager spotted a black and red spider among the bananas. Emergency services were called, and fears arose that the spider might be the highly venomous Brazilian Wandering Spider, known for its ability to hide in banana shipments.

The Spider Scare

The Penny shop closure came following the sighting of a spider with distinct black and red markings among the bananas. The store manager immediately alerted the authorities, who suspected it could be the infamous Brazilian Wandering Spider, notorious for its venomous bite. This spider has been known to reach Europe by hiding in bunches of bananas imported from South America. As a precautionary measure, the store was evacuated, and emergency services were called to assess the situation.

Spider in a banana shipment

The Brazilian Wandering Spider and its Venom

The Brazilian Wandering Spider, scientifically known as Phoneutria, is one of the most venomous spiders in the world. Its venom contains a neurotoxin that can cause severe symptoms in humans, including hypothermia, blurred vision, convulsions, and even death in extreme cases. Additionally, it has been discovered that a bite from this spider can result in prolonged and painful erections in men, lasting up to several hours. This unexpected side effect has led to the spider’s venom being studied for its potential use in erectile dysfunction treatments.

Search Efforts and Precautionary Measures

Following the spider sighting, extensive search efforts were conducted in the supermarket to locate and capture the spider. However, no spiders have been found thus far. Nevertheless, to ensure the safety of both employees and customers, the store management took immediate action. An exterminator was called to seal the banana crates, preventing the spider from escaping and potentially causing harm. The Penny shop remains closed while comprehensive cleaning and disinfection measures are being carried out to prepare for its reopening.

Spider in a supermarket

The Potential for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Although the Brazilian Wandering Spider’s bite can cause distressing symptoms, including painful erections, scientists have recognized its potential in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment. The venom’s ability to induce prolonged erections has sparked interest in developing drugs that target this mechanism. Researchers from the Medical College of George have noted that the erection is a side effect experienced by all individuals bitten by this spider, leading them to explore the potential development of new drugs for erectile dysfunction based on the spider’s venom.

The Spider’s Notoriety and Habitat

The Brazilian Wandering Spider’s notoriety stems from its dangerous venom and aggressive behavior. It is known as a wandering spider because it does not build webs like other spider species. Instead, it roams the jungle floor at night, searching for prey. In urban areas, these spiders often seek refuge in houses and cars, where they can easily come into contact with humans. The spider’s ability to hide in banana shipments has facilitated its unintentional global spread, raising concerns among consumers who may unknowingly encounter this venomous arachnid.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Incidents of Spider Infiltration

The recent incident at the Penny shop in Austria is not an isolated occurrence. In the past, similar incidents have been reported worldwide, highlighting the potential risks associated with spider infiltration through fruit produce. In 2017, for example, spiders believed to be Brazilian Wandering Spiders were discovered in bananas purchased from a supermarket, leading to the evacuation of a family’s home. Moreover, in the United Kingdom, an Australian Huntsman spider was found in a bunch of bananas, causing concern among consumers.

Ensuring Safety and Vigilance

While the presence of venomous spiders in supermarkets is a rare occurrence, it highlights the importance of safety measures and vigilance in the food industry. The incident at the Penny shop serves as a reminder for supermarkets to implement rigorous inspection procedures to prevent such incidents from happening. It also emphasizes the need for consumers to exercise caution when handling and consuming produce, particularly items like bananas that may serve as potential hiding places for insects and spiders.


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