Target Caught Skipping Discounts in ‘Black Friday Deals’

In a recent revelation that engendered a significant wave of astonishment among shoppers, retail giant Target was caught in a controversy over its Black Friday deals. The incident came to light through a viral TikTok video by DeJay Downey, who discovered that the Black Friday deals at Target were priced identically to non-Black Friday prices.

Downey’s video, which showed her browsing through products at a Target store on the much-anticipated shopping day, quickly gained traction on social media. The video has amassed an astounding 38.4 million views, garnered over 60,000 comments, and received 3.3 million likes. The comments section was flooded with users sharing similar experiences and expressing disenchantment with the perceived decline in the quality of Black Friday deals.

In response to the uproar, a spokesperson for Target clarified that the items featured in the video had been part of their early Black Friday sales. The prices, thus, remained consistent during the actual Black Friday event, with the signage updated merely to indicate the extended duration of the sale. According to the company, customers would have saved between $20-$80 on their TV purchases, depending on the model they chose.

The controversy has sparked wider discussions about the nature of Black Friday deals, with other TikTok users sharing instances where they found regular prices to be lower than the touted Black Friday deals. This has led to growing frustration among consumers, who feel deceived by the practice of inflating prices before slashing them for the sale.

The incident underscores the need for transparency in advertising and sales practices, particularly during high-profile shopping events like Black Friday. It serves as a reminder for consumers to remain vigilant and scrutinize deals before making purchases. The controversy also highlights the power of social media in holding corporations accountable and pushing for better consumer rights. As for Target, the incident presents an opportunity to review its sales strategies and bolster consumer trust.


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