Teacher Shows Horror Movie to 4th Graders Against Their Wishes

A math teacher at the Academy of Innovative Education in Miami Springs decided to show a slasher film titled “Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Blood” to a class of fourth graders. The movie, a twisted adaptation of the beloved children’s character, portrays Winnie the Pooh turning into a murderous savage after his friend Christopher Robin goes to college. The incident has sparked outrage and concern among the community, raising questions about the appropriateness of content shown to young students.

The Traumatic Movie Screening

The incident took place on Monday, October 2, when the math teacher at the Academy of Innovative Education allowed the students to choose a movie. Unfortunately, they selected “Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Blood,” unaware of its horrifying content. For nearly 30 minutes, the unsuspecting fourth-graders were exposed to the gruesome scenes of their favorite characters turning into bloodthirsty monsters. Several children complained, but the teacher failed to respond promptly, leaving them traumatized and distressed.

One parent, Michelle Diaz, expressed her shock and disappointment, saying, “I feel completely abandoned by the school.” Diaz further explained that the teacher did not stop the movie even after the students pleaded to have it turned off. This lack of intervention raises concerns about the teacher’s judgment and the school’s responsibility for ensuring appropriate content in the classroom.

The Unsettling Movie Plot

“Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Blood” is a horror film that takes a dark turn from the innocent and lovable nature of the original children’s character. The movie draws upon the premise that after Christopher Robin abandons them for college, Pooh and Piglet embark on a gory rampage in search of a new source of food. This sinister adaptation of the beloved classic has disturbed audiences worldwide with its graphic and unsettling portrayal of the characters.

Responsibility of the School

The Academy of Innovative Education, a Miami-Dade County public schools charter, holds full responsibility for the personnel it employs and the content shown to its students. Although the school does not fall under the city’s school rules, it is expected to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for its students. The incident has raised concerns about the school’s oversight and the screening process for educational materials within the classroom.

Parental Outrage and Concerns

Parents, like Michelle Diaz, are rightfully outraged by the incident. They entrust the school with the well-being and education of their children, expecting a safe and appropriate learning environment. Diaz expressed her disappointment, stating, “It’s not for them to decide what they want to watch. It’s up to the professor to look at the content.” This sentiment is shared by many parents who believe that teachers should exercise caution and discretion when selecting educational materials for their young students.

The Impact on Students

The traumatic experience of watching a horror movie at such a young age can have lasting effects on children. Some students have expressed concerns and distress following the incident. To address these issues, the school’s mental health counselor and principal have met with affected students, providing support and counseling. However, the long-term psychological impact of this incident remains to be seen.

Public Domain and Controversial Adaptations

The release of the first Winnie the Pooh book by A.A. Milne into the public domain on January 1, 2022, removed copyright protection from the characters, allowing for various adaptations. Unfortunately, this has led to controversial reinterpretations like “Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Blood.” Director Rhys Waterfield began production on this horror film five months after the characters entered the public domain. While artistic freedom is important, it is equally crucial to consider the appropriateness of content, particularly for young audiences.

Censorship Concerns and Poor Reception

The controversial nature of the movie has sparked censorship concerns in certain regions. In March, cinemas in Hong Kong stopped showing the film due to its disturbing content. Additionally, “Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Blood” received poor reviews, with IMDb rating it at a mere 2.9 out of 10. These reactions further emphasize the inappropriateness of the movie for a young audience.

School’s Response and Actions Taken

Following the incident, the Head of School, Vera Hirsch, issued a statement acknowledging the inappropriate nature of the movie for fourth-graders. The administration promptly addressed the issue with the teacher and took appropriate action to ensure the safety and well-being of the students. The school is actively monitoring the affected students and providing necessary support through their mental health counselor.


  1. What’s up with a math teacher not teacher math? That never happened to me in any class during the Fifties and the Sixties and using the GI Bill to graduate from college during the Seventies. Don’t recall being required to misapply pronouns or being read to by some mentally challenged dude in drag. By the way, there is only one sex with a uterus.
    And when did inmates get to run the asylum? Guess that question somehow makes me a racist since upside-down has become up.

  2. It took me all of 30 seconds to search online and figure out this movie was completely inappropriate. No excuse. This is a math class. What did the teacher think they were going to learn by watching this movie? Fractions?

    Today in the USA public schools have failed colossally at every level. The majority of all students fail basic proficiency in math and English at their grade level, yet they are passed along to the next grade. Among recent high school graduates, only 3% can pass the civics test required for U.S. citizenship. This test contains ten questions, all with multiple-choice answers. You only have to correctly answer 6 of the 10 to pass. The questions are as basic as it gets. Who was the first President of the United States? Which branch of government is charged with lawmaking? ONLY 3% CAN PASS THIS TEST!

    What happened here exemplifies what is going on in the public schools. A lack of teaching on core subjects despite dismal results. Poor morals and ethics are being taught. A lack of oversight over what is going on in the classroom.


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