The Grinch Puts the Brakes on Speeding Drivers in Florida

It’s the season of giving and it looks like one Florida policeman got into the spirit early. In an effort to promote safe driving, one officer dressed up as none other than the Grinch this past weekend. Except instead of handing out presents, he was handing out onions!

  Might be time for one of these!

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is conducting speed checks in a Marathon school zone, and those caught going 5 mph or less above the limit must deal with the Grinch himself.

MSCO Colonel Lou Caputo, who has been with the department for 37 years, came up with the idea to dress up as the beloved character over 20 years ago. Caputo offers violators a choice between a traffic citation or an onion. “It catches them off guard,” Caputo told the Associated Press. “But when I give them a clear choice of a citation or the onion, they will take the onion.” Some violators have even chosen to eat the onion right in front of him.

The annual tradition is aimed at educating drivers about speeding in school zones and serves as a reminder that Keys schools remain open through December 16. In a video shared on the MCSO’s Facebook page, Deputy Andrew Lierd said officials are “trying to spread the word about traffic safety in the school zone, and beyond.”

Caputo added that officials simply want people to slow down in school zones. “It’s about education, awareness that our school zones are still operating even though it’s the holiday season,” he said. So if you’re driving in southern Florida this holiday season, be sure to keep an eye out for the Grinch and remember to slow down in school zones.

Given the choice between the two of them, I’d take the..onion.


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