Tim Tebow Used Award Acceptance Speech to Remind Everyone Who the True MVP Is

Tim Tebow received an enthusiastic welcome when his name was announced to receive the Sports Impact Award at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. With a lighthearted joke, he teased host Matthew West and thanked him for making the night memorable. After expressing his gratitude, Tebow diverted his attention to the audience and encouraged them to keep going even if they were facing challenges because their impact matters.

“Guys,” Tebow said, “I want you all to feel encouraged because I understand how hard it can be sometimes. But what you guys are doing matters — it really does! You are inspiring people and filling them with an urge to follow Jesus”.

His voice became more passionate as he continued, explaining the life-altering experience he had when he was 15 years old and visited a village in the Philippines where there was a boy born with his feet facing backward. The villagers saw him as cursed and insignificant and wanted nothing to do with him, something Tebow could not accept. This event changed his outlook on life drastically, prompting him to realize that instead of chasing MVP awards or championships as he had been prior, his true purpose was something much bigger: To become an MVP for the Most Vulnerable People around the world.

The former football player and NFL quarterback wanted to emphasize how inspiring others makes a difference in people’s lives and that ultimately there is only one true MVP…Jesus, who died on the cross for humanity’s sake. He reminded everyone of their responsibility to help the weak, protect the poor, and comfort those who are hurting.

Tebow’s powerful speech brought tears to some attendees’ eyes as he concluded by stressing how important it is for members of the church to take action and fulfill their mission of helping those in need. Overall, Tebow’s words were filled with meaning and encouragement while also reminding all present of their purpose in life: To make an impact on those whom God has placed around us.


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