Viewers Blast Rihanna as ‘Biggest Sellout’ over Super Bowl Performance: ‘How’s That Kaepernick Boycott Going’

Viewers were quick to criticize Rihanna for her seemingly hypocritical decision to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, despite initially boycotting it in 2018 in a show of solidarity with former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who had started a kneeling campaign to draw attention to police brutality.

According to People Magazine at the time, a source close to the singer confirmed that she was indeed offered an opportunity to perform alongside Maroon 5 but ultimately declined. This news attracted the attention of celebrities such as Amy Schumer, who took to social media and urged Maroon 5 not to take part in the event as well and also announced that she would not be appearing in any of the associated Super Bowl commercials.

The kneeling campaign has been seen by many as a powerful symbol of protest against racial inequality and injustice which we still see in some areas of society, but mostly during NFL games. In support of this movement, Rihanna made the decision to forego her highly coveted spot at one of the biggest events on U.S television and declared that she will no longer take part in shows or activities related to it. Subsequently, Amy Schumer echoed her sentiment and called upon Maroon 5, who had already signed up for the performance, to back out too – challenging them why they were not ‘kneeling next their brothers’ if they wanted to avoid being complicit in such widespread injustices.

By refusing her invitation to play at the Super Bowl and encouraging others to join her boycott, Rihanna sparked discussion over where people stand when it comes tackling racism in the hope that more people will start actively participating and take tangible steps towards creating change.

Well, as the most recent halftime show on Sunday proved, Rihanna did not follow through on her boycott. People didn’t let her live it down either.



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