Watch the Chilling Moment a Ghost Visits a ‘Haunted’ Pub

If you are looking for a thrill, you might want to visit the Coniston Tavern in Nuneaton, England. This pub has a reputation for being haunted by a former tenant who died of a heart attack after drinking a bottle of brandy. His name was Dave, and he seems to have a habit of trying to steal drinks from unsuspecting customers.

The pub owners, Andy and Katie Gadsby, have witnessed several spooky incidents involving pint glasses mysteriously shattering or sliding off tables. They have captured some of these events on CCTV, and they are convinced that Dave is behind them.

One of the most chilling moments happened last month when a workman in a hi-vis jacket was chatting with his friends at a table. Suddenly, his half-drunk pint exploded in front of him, showering him with lager and glass shards. The CCTV footage shows his shocked reaction as he looks around for an explanation.

Another similar incident occurred four months earlier, when another customer was sitting at the same table and his pint glass slid onto the floor without anyone touching it. The CCTV footage also shows this strange occurrence, which left the customer baffled.

Andy Gadsby said: “My wife and I have been running the pub for seven months but we’ve since been told it’s haunted. Apparently a tenant called Dave lived in the flat above the pub and one night he drank a bottle of brandy and had a heart attack and died. Maybe his spirit is around the pub and he’s desperately trying to pinch people’s drinks.”

He added: “It’s very mysterious and the two incidents have spooked people out.”

The Coniston Tavern is not the only pub in England that claims to be haunted by ghosts. There are many other stories of paranormal activity in pubs across the country, such as glasses flying off shelves, doors slamming shut, voices whispering in the dark, and even apparitions appearing in mirrors.

So, if you are brave enough, you might want to check out some of these haunted pubs and see if you can catch a glimpse of their ghostly residents. But be careful not to leave your drink unattended, or you might end up with an empty glass or worse.


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