What Is Your Cat or Dog Dreaming About? One Expert Has Some Answers

Have you ever wondered what your cat or dog is dreaming about? I think that most of us probably think that dogs just dream about chasing animals, but is that really all there is to their dreams? And what about cats? According to a Harvard professor, the answer may be both mundane and surprising.

It turns out that cats and dogs have dreams just like humans do, albeit a bit simpler in content. Cats may dream of chasing mice or birds while dogs may dream of chasing other animals, running in open fields, or finding food. Both animals also seem to have some sort of sixth sense, as they can remember things from their dreams and use them in real life scenarios.

According to Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a dream psychologist at Harvard University Medical School, there’s one key difference between human dreams and those of our furry friends. “The main difference between humans and animals is that we daydream,” she explains. “One reason why humans typically remember more of their dreams has to do with the way we think during wakefulness.”

When it comes to interpreting our pet’s dreams, things are not so clear-cut. Every breed has its own personality traits which may dictate what kind of dream it might be having- for example, herding breeds like Border Collies may dream more about chasing sheep while hunting breeds like Beagles may dream more about tracking small game- but there is no definitive answer as all pets are different.

That said, experts agree that pets’ dreams should always be a positive experience no matter the breed or size. They should also be filled with adventure and exploration so that your pet can truly enjoy their restful sleep time! So next time your pet is sleeping soundly on the couch, take a moment to wonder what kind of exciting adventures he could be having in his sleep.


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